We are Kolomaki company. From identical sheets of plastic, we produce various useful products in St. Petersburg: sewage treatment plants, cellars, caissons, sand traps, and so on.

How do we make them? Quite usually, except for the fact that we are trying to automate the process and reduce errors to a minimum. Of course, we employ professionals. Of course, we monitor the quality. Of course, we are not indifferent to the appearance of products.

Why do we make them? So that the wastewater treatment process is not a hassle, so that the costs of our customers are minimized. So that our amazing cellars delight people for decades. To make our dealers proud of the products they sell.

Why did we start producing what we do? Because in 2013, the market for treatment facilities and cellars had room to grow. Grow in terms of quality and service. We want our clients and professional market participants to get used to the new quality standards we set. Apparently, we’re good at it.

We are ready to change. We work for dealers and listen to their opinions. We can change everything in our products! Provided the product gets better. Just remember that we will not chase low prices contrary to common sense.

We grow and develop together with our dealers. The dealer is our main value! Well, and the client. And the product …

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