Briefly about the company

Financial Group Kalita-Finance began its work in September 1999. Has its own page in Reuters with the KLTA code. She specializes in providing online trading services for Russia and Europe. This financial group has developed the DialingOffice trading system and has a Gold Mint store that buys and sells gold bullion coins.

Kalita-Finance is registered in the Russian Federation and has 2 subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Regulatory organization

At the moment Kalita-Finance is not regulated.

Company Services

Kalita-Finance provides trading services in the foreign exchange, commodity and stock markets, and also specializes in providing services in the field of investment in precious metals on a trading metal account. This financial group uses the Consumer Basket and AI95 Gasoline instruments to protect against inflation and teaches trading in financial markets.

Account types

There are 3 types of accounts:

Base– suitable for beginners trying their hand at small volumes.

  • Deposit amount: 3000-6999 rubles.
  • Position carry over: 5%
  • % on available funds: 0%
  • Master class from a trader: 10,000 rubles.
  • There is no loyalty program.

Optimal– used by clients with trading experience, traders who test strategies.

  • Deposit amount: 7000-99999 rubles.
  • Commission: 30% discount
  • Position carry over: 5%
  • % on available funds: 10%
  • Master class from a trader: 10,000 rubles.
  • The loyalty program is awarded after 1 year.

Pro– this account is for professionals who know how to minimize risks and trade large amounts.

  • Deposit amount: from 100,000 rubles.
  • Commission: 50% discount
  • Position transfer: 20% discount
  • % on available funds: 15%
  • Master class from a trader: 10,000 rubles.
  • The loyalty program is awarded after 3 years.
  • There is an investment consultant.

Trading accounts are protected from negative balance.

Kalita-Finance provides an opportunity to simultaneously trade in the foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets from one account, with the possibility of opening up to 3 sub-accounts on it.

Also, Kalita-Finance provides comfortable conditions for VIP-clients, when opening an account from 100,000 rubles. In this case, you can connect the Investment Advisor service.

Note! To view the Agreements and the Rules for Conducting Transactions and Operations with Financial Instruments, the client must be authorized on the company’s website.

Trading instruments

Trading is carried out using trading instruments, such as: 33 currency pairs, 16 stocks of Russian companies, 21 stocks of US companies, 10 stock indices, 9 instruments of the agricultural market, 6 metals and commodities.

Trading platform

Trading is carried out using a proprietary trading terminal iTrader 8 (and its mobile versions), as well as Webtrader, there is an application iScanner, Advisor Pro and a Mini Trader.

Investment opportunities

The company offers its clients opportunities to invest in:

  • gold collectible coins
  • impersonal metal account
  • gold bars
  • gold jewelry.


Kalita-Finance provides all beginners with the opportunity to undergo training. All traders, regardless of their experience, can take master classes remotely for deeper training.

Account deposit / Account withdrawal

You can enter funds through a bank card, bank transfer, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Money@mail.ru, Euroset Communication Salons, Contact, QIWI, payment for services from an MTS phone, payment for services in Svyaznoy.

Funds can be withdrawn to a WebMoney wallet and to a personal account with a Russian bank.

Additional services

FG Kalita-Finance provides its clients with the opportunity to use additional services based on the iTrader 8 trading platform:

  • iScanner is a service for the automatic analysis of technical indicators and candlestick configurations in real time for all available instruments at once.
  • Advisor Pro – allows traders to use proven strategies to automatically trade on any instrument on a selected interval.
  • GUI-Robot is a free built-in terminal feature that allows traders to implement multi-active algorithmic trading strategies.

Kalita-Finance also gives traders the opportunity to conduct ECN trading using its own ECN technology Kalitex – a transaction system that connects sellers and buyers without the participation of intermediaries in Internet trading.

Broker is not regulated

You can see more detailed information on the website: https://stock-trade-rate.com/


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