Is it worth using the Jum online store to buy things from China

Joom marketplace is very popular. It appeared only a few years ago, but by 2018 it had reached a monthly attendance of 16 million people. Those who are not familiar with him do not know whether it is worth moving here from already familiar sites. In this article, we will look at its features and try to understand if it is suitable for online shopping in our country.


At the moment, “Jum” offers:

More than 2 million products.
19 semantic groups. Stuff for home, garden, hobby, business, clothing, shoes, electronics, accessories and more.
Discounts up to 90% on different product categories. Any item can be ordered using a discount.
Joom is a showcase displaying products from manufacturers and stores from China. In fact, the buyer interacts with them directly using the resources of the site.

The quality and value of goods vary significantly. There are many similar proposals that leave room for maneuver. Product cards contain ratings and reviews (except for new items that have not yet been ordered). This simplifies the selection.

Features of descriptions

Many of the cards on Juma are filled out in the style typical of online sites offering products from China. There are incoherent proposals, but the specifications are accurate


Joom is positioned as a mobile app for buying goods from China. Therefore, the developers have put a lot of effort into making it user-friendly. Intuitive interface simplifies interaction. Instead of constantly browsing all categories, it is enough to select only those of interest. When you first start it, you are asked for gender This is necessary for thematic search results.

On mobile devices, a feed is generated that is automatically composed of products that may interest the user. In recent updates, it has become even faster and more accurate.

The advantage of Juma is that it is enough to register once, indicate the address and card for payment (payments are made only with its help) in order to make purchases with a minimum of actions. 34 currencies are supported. The currency type is determined automatically by the user’s location. But you can always change it in the settings.

Version for browsers

Shopping on Joom from PCs and laptops is straightforward. The service now has a full-fledged browser-based online store. Here (as well as in the application) you can add products to your favorites and display promotional offers. But the PC version is used less often, because mobile users get additional bonuses. For example, discount coupons.

Who is Jum created for?

You can order goods from anywhere in the world with a suitable infrastructure. This is confirmed by 34 currencies, 10 languages ​​to choose from.

Joom is designed to quickly serve clients living in the post-Soviet space. The best conditions of use in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. There is full-fledged Russian-language technical support, as well as a lot of supporting information on the site and in the application, including frequently asked questions.


The client does not pay for transportation from China. Despite this, she is fast. On average, goods arrive in 10-25 days. The maximum period is 60 days, unless otherwise agreed by the seller upon purchase.

When there are several items in an order, they can be sent together or separately. It all depends on availability and what warehouse they are in.

Is it worth using “Jum”

This online store will be appreciated by those who want to buy cheap and get goods from China quickly. Incomprehensible descriptions are compensated by detailed photographs. If you don’t want to disclose your bank card details, you should get another one (especially for purchases).

Joom provides a 90-day warranty for items from the date of purchase and refunds if damaged or not as described. You can issue a refund within 14 days of receipt.

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