IOLCorp – are leaders in financial and regulatory technology.

IOLCorp builds digital platforms that provide access to markets with different asset classes. They provide their clients with professional grade financial tools, industry-leading prices and world-class service.

Also, through the development of customized programs and plans, IOLCorp ensures that its clients are connected to the most relevant methods of making a profit.

The trust

More than 70 brokers around the world cooperate with IOLCorp, as well as a number of banks and other companies providing services in the field of money management. Together with these companies, they can provide their clients with the most convenient access to the best international assets. Through the client terminal, they provide intensive movement of funds between the account in the company and personal savings accounts of clients, providing guarantees of safety and high-level protection of client capital.

IOLCorp can be completely trusted. The company grants licenses and permits in all jurisdictions. A corresponding legal entity is opened for each individual investment area.

What do they offer?

  • Liquidity of a wide range of assets;
  • High quality of order execution;
  • Transparent model;

Legal information

IOLCorp is a large holding. IOLCorp s.r.o. is the parent legal entity from which the business was started. IOLCorp s.r.o., part of the IOLCorp Holding Group Co. Ltd, owns 55% of IOLCorp. Founder and CEO of IOLCorp Andrej Tabaček owns 22.3% of the company, and IT RED SUN Plc, the leading financial group in Asia, holds 20.7%. Minority owners, which include both former and current employees of the company, own the remaining shares.

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