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We are pleased to present you with a review of Infin Markets, in which we will find out what the company is and tell you about the advantages of this broker. And also to your attention Infin Markets reviews so that you can evaluate its reliability and understand Infin Markets scam or not?

Infin Markets provides its clients with a full range of Forex trading services, as well as related services and customer support at the highest level, provided by a large family of qualified and dedicated Infin Markets employees.

Competitive interbank spreads.

Our spreads are among the tightest in the foreign exchange market. Regardless of the volume of transactions, spreads for the most liquid currency pairs can be 1.8 pips on any of the offered account types.

Responding to the wishes of our clients, we offer trading accounts with trading conditions that differ in the allowed equity, trading volumes and leverage. The Beginner account type allows you to enter the market with transactions of as little as 100 units of the base currency, which is 0.001 standard lot.

Price transparency.

We guarantee absolute transparency of prices, ensuring equal access to quotes for each client thanks to the technology of instant execution. And this allows you to make deals at the price that the Client sees in the deal window. Or on the chart, even in conditions of significant instrument volatility. If a client’s order cannot be executed at the indicated price due to certain market conditions, the trading platform will provide a new execution price.

No commission.

No commission is charged for order execution, statement and reporting, technical support and account administration services.

NetTradeX trading platform.

We equip you with one of the most innovative, stable and secure trading platforms on the market. The platform provides a complete set of tools for market analysis, investment portfolio management, receiving the latest market news, and even creating requests for withdrawing funds from a real account.

Infin Markets analytics and trading news.

Our clients have constant access to global financial and economic news, technical analysis issues and daily market reviews published on our website.

24/7 market with a wide range of products.

The World Forex Market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Competitive margin and small minimum trade volumes.

The company offers clients competitive margin requirements for trading. The required margin can be as low as 0.25% of the transaction amount, which means a leverage of 400: 1, at which the Client can conduct trades of small volumes, such as $ 10,000, or even $ 100 for Beginner accounts, at the competitive interbank spreads usually found in major transactions.

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