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There are no universal brokers. But there are those who have come as close as possible to meeting the requirements of most traders, including iNext.Trade. This broker appeared in 2013. He not only managed to get through the 2017 crisis, when the BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange collapsed, but also to restore capitalization as quickly as possible at the pre-crisis level. Just a year later, he finally recovered and offered his clients even more options.

Striving for versatility

Inekst Trade gives you access to a variety of financial instruments. Even by opening a Lite account (and this requires only $ 500), a trader will be able to trade commodity contracts, currency and cryptocurrency pairs. This is enough for effective risk diversification: Short trades in currencies and highly volatile cryptocurrencies can bring large profits. Long positions with commodity assets with stable quotes protect the portfolio from excessive risks. The ability to trade other instruments is provided by such accounts:
Classic (from $ 5000). Exchange indices.PRO are added to commodity contracts, currency and crypto pairs (from $ 20,000). The list of Classic instruments is supplemented by promotions. VIP (from $ 100,000). You can trade stocks, crypto and currency pairs, commodity contracts, stock indices, and pre-ICO tokens, giving the trader the opportunity to choose the instruments that match his experience, financial capabilities and preferences. Customer reviews confirm this fact, but there is another plus. Variety gives protection. Many markets are independent of each other. Therefore, if on one of them a decline in quotations for all assets begins, you can quickly transfer your investments to another and stay in the black.

Adaptation of trading conditions to the client’s capital

The difference between the types of accounts (except for the number of available instruments) is in two parameters.

Account name Lite Classic PRO VIP
Position volume limit 20 lots 200 lots 2000 lots Without Borders
Leverage 1: 5 1:10 1:20 1:50


This is not done in order to infringe on traders with less financial opportunities, but to protect against risks. The limit on the volume of positions will not allow opening too many trades. After all, if they are unprofitable, the client’s capital will quickly dry up. Different leverage parameters have the same goal. If the deal goes negative, the loan will have to be repaid from the available funds. And too much debt will absorb all the capital.

Universal terminal for trading (after reading reviews on our website you can make sure of this)

Ainext Trade offers to trade in MetaTrader 4. This program is not in vain considered the best. She is chosen: For high protection against data interception. The terminal uses powerful 2048-bit encryption. Even if the information is stolen, when decrypted, it will be useless. You can use dozens of built-in indicators, graphical analysis tools, third-party modules. There is support for an archive of quotes with the ability to download data. Metatrader 4 is suitable for trading any instrument. You can open deals manually or write algorithms in the built-in language to automate trading. The popularity of MetaTrader 4 is also due to the fact that it works on PCs, tablets and smartphones running iOS, Android.

Trading Analytic System

This is an exclusive solution from iNext Trade. The analysis system uses both classical and modern forecasting tools, focusing on the data of several exchanges. It was created for trading cryptocurrencies. The main task of TAS is to accurately predict the movement of instrument quotes and offer those that have minimal risks. This system has a low entry threshold and is constantly being improved to make trading as easy as possible.

Inext Algorithm

One of the undoubted advantages of the company is iNext Algorithm, which is an innovative automatic system for market analysis and generation of trading signals. In short, the Algorithm analyzes market indicators and then verifies the decision with the actions of professional traders. At the moment iNext Algorithm is available exclusively on the platform of the iNext Trade company. The new technology has not yet been tested by time, but specialized publications (time,two,three) have already responded very well to the new product.


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  1. Я за надежность в первую очередь, поэтому и работаю с iNext. У них все четко,, служба поддержки работает как часы. Мне пару раз нужно было выяснить кое-какие вопросы, так отвечали быстро, решали почти моментально. Выводил уже и не раз. условия очень хорошие.

  2. Компания достойная. Были там пару раз сбои но где их нет это уже такое, не предсказуемая ситуация. В общем все хорошо, быстрое исполнение ордеров.

  3. Да действительно компания хорошая. Я тоже работаю с iNext. По началу боялась что то сделать не так, сейчас же вообще расслабон. Я всегда уверенна что мне подскажут и помогут решить тот или иной вопрос. Все очень классно, я советую.

  4. День добрый. Хотелось бы поделиться своими впечатлениями от работы с iNext Trade. Подобные отзывы никогда не писал, но тут захотелось что бы больше людей узнали о компании. Работать начал 3 месяца назад. Был уже не 1 опыт с другими. Но iNext Trade первая компания которая внушила действительно уверенность. Депозит признаюсь был не маленький, но и отдача хорошая. Служба поддержки внимательная, компетентна в каждом вопросе. Хорошие условия, и опытные аналитики. Я советую компанию для работы. Хотите действительно зарабатывать – выбирайте достойных.

  5. Пацаны не подкачали! Работа на высшем уровне, и все довольно легко. В обслуживании ничего не храмает, однозначно сейчас стоит работать только с INEXT

  6. Очень долго выбиирал с кем мне работать в данной сфере, но все таки выбрал именно inext. брокер отличный и подходит по всем параметрам, могу даже рекомендовать .

  7. кто уже давно работает тут, раскажите плиз как тут все устроено, очень хочу попробовать себя в этой сфере!

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