IG – What do they say about them?

IG is another untrustworthy Forex kitchen broker who is engaged in illegal activities. Carrying money in IG is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
The scammers claim to have a number of licenses and certificates. In particular, TsROFR, FCA, CySec and others. It takes five minutes to check such statements. To do this, you just need to go to the website of any of the above regulators and enter the name of the IG broker in the search bar.
When we do this, we will not see this company there. It’s not hard to understand what this means.

What do they say?

According to reviews, we see that clients are faced with problems with withdrawing funds not only for large amounts, but even as small as $ 100. This shows all the pettiness of “Kitchen” with a worldwide reputation.
As soon as the trader starts earning, various methods of leaking are used, one of which is the disconnection.


Here’s a tip about IG, a scam disguised as a well-known broker. The site has nothing to do with real trading, and was created with one single purpose – to steal money from naive traders. Take care of yourself and your money.

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  1. IG Брокер мошенник. Деньги пополните вы без проблем но не вернете их. Бутите осторожны

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