Information about ICE FX:

Ice Markets Limited is registered in the offshore Republic of Vanuatu (registration number 14623). Despite this moment, the company promises to regularly conduct financial audits and present reports to the public.

Note that the company officially begins accepting payments from December 22, 2016.

The company provides the following opportunities:

  • trading currency pairs and spot metals;
  • risk management system for all types of accounts;
  • affiliate program;
  • promotions and contests.

As for liquidity, the counterparties for Ice Markets are quite serious organizations, including Advanced Markets Ltd., Velocity Trade, Integral. All of them received the relevant permits from regulatory organizations. Relevant information is presented in the “Liquidity” section on the company’s official website. Note that it is not possible to verify the reliability of such data.

The following types of accounts are provided for trading in ICE FX:


Limiting the maximum value of the leverage. Risk management system

Regardless of the type of account you choose, you can use the risk management system. As indicated on the company’s website, risk management is a special software that allows a trader to set certain trading parameters, which he can change only after a certain period of time has elapsed, which will help him avoid losses associated with making spontaneous decisions in conditions of psychological instability.

If necessary, you can set data for the following parameters:

  • Limiting losses per week (%, by Equity).
  • Limiting losses per day (%, by Equity).
  • The limitation of the minimum balance is unlimited (USD, by Equity).
  • Limiting the maximum drawdown indefinitely (%, by Equity).

Managed accounts

For investing in companies, so-called Managed Accounts are provided, opening which the investor will be able to competently dispose of capital. You can choose one of the presented accounts for investment. This can be FX Main, FX Exotic, or Spot Metals.

Pros for Managers:

  • the combined pool of Investors’ funds is managed on one Trading Account;
  • automatic receipt of a share of the profit earned on Investors’ accounts.

Pros for Investors:

  • no need to conduct independent trading on FOREX and no time spent;
  • the ability to create your own portfolios by investing in several Managers at once;
  • the possibility of increasing investments in the Manager at any time;
  • the ability to withdraw funds at the end of each trading week without any restrictions;
  • the possibility of limiting the risks of the Investment account.

affiliate program

The company provides three types of affiliate programs – Classic Agent, Investment Broker, Introducing Broker. Depending on the chosen program, you will receive a certain percentage in the form of a reward.

The “Classic Agent” model implies receiving remuneration for the work of Clients attracted to the Company. This category of Agents, in contrast to the category of PRO-agents, does not have additional advantages.

But the Investment Broker model is designed to attract Investors to the Company.

The “PRO-agent” deserves special attention. As explained in the company, the PRO-Agents group was created to allocate and additional remuneration for the work of the most effective Agents. The program is focused on:

  • blog owners,
  • site administrators,
  • community owners on social networks,
  • YouTube channel owners,
  • forum administrators.

Benefits for VIP clients

If your account has more than 100 thousand dollars, then your personal account gets VIP status. This means that you can count on the services of a personal manager and financial advisor. In addition, for such customers, there are special rules for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Deposit / withdrawal methods:

Bank transfers:

  • Bank transfer to the company’s account in Baltikums Bank: 2-5 business days, minimum payment – $ 1,000.
  • Bank transfer to a merchant account in the ePayments company: commissions of the bank and intermediary banks, 2-5 business days, min. payment – $ 100.

Bank payment cards:

  • VISA and MasterCard: commission 2.6% + 1%, instantly, min. payment – $ 100.

Electronic payment systems:

  • Within the ePayments system: commission – 1%, instantly, min. payment – $ 100.
  • WebMoney: commission – 1% (min 5 $) + 1%, instantly, min. payment – $ 100.

The following options are provided for withdrawal:

Bank transfers:

  • Withdrawal to a personal bank account: commission – $ 30, 5-7 working days, min. amount – 1 thousand dollars.

Bank payment cards:

  • Withdrawal to VISA or MasterCard: commission – 3.5%, 3-5 working days, min. amount – $ 100.

Electronic payment systems:

  • Withdrawal to an account within the ePayments system: commission – 0%, 3-5 working days, min. amount – $ 100.
  • WebMoney: commission – 2%, 3-5 working days, min. amount – $ 100.

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