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You can interact with liquidity providers using a broker. He will act as a mediator. For this, the SWFX platform developed by Dukascopy Bank SA is used. It receives liquidity from major global companies: UBS, Commerzbank, Barclays plc, JP Morgan and others. So here:

  • Tight spreads.
  • The smallest slippages.
  • Fast order execution.
  • HDForex is not an ordinary broker, but an intermediary between liquidity providers and traders. Non-market risks are minimized.

What accounts does offer

  • Start. From $ 500. The choice of novice traders. But first, it’s better to open a demo account to practice.
  • Standard. From $ 3000.
  • VIP. From $ 10000.
  • Exclusive. From $ 50000. The Start account allows you to use the MetaTrader 4 platform with a fixed commission per 1 lot. The rest are HDFOREX with a total commission on the volume for 30 days (Volume Commission). On accounts with Start to VIP, the leverage can reach 1: 300. Exclusive has 1: 100.


You can use MetaTrader 4 for any account. It has stable liquidity, has existed for a long time, and provides an opportunity for automatic trading via Expert Advisor.

The HDFOREX platform was developed by the company of the same name. She:

Specially created for ECN.
Can be used for manual, algorithmic trading.
Has over 200 indicators.
Offers graphanalysis tools.
Can be used for hedging purposes.
HDBinary is specially developed for online binary options trading. This platform is suitable for Forex, CFD instruments.

The minimum option duration is 1 minute. You can choose 1 of 13 time periods. Increased attention is paid to algorithmic trading. The user can open up to 100 positions at the same time, there are no problems with placing orders for 7 days in advance. Another advantage is the possibility of technical analysis.


The broker offers 3 opportunities for trading and investing


A choice of experienced traders who know how to choose traded instruments and make deals.

Binary options

The profit is due to the correct forecasting of the price movement of instruments in the market. An understanding of market processes is required, but revenue does not change no matter how much the price of the product rises or falls.

PAMM accounts

You do not need to provide an account in trust. It is enough to get access to the system for copying transactions of managers and pay them a commission on the profit. The advantages of a PAMM account are high automation and the ability to change the trader whose actions you copy at any time.

What can be traded

There are several trading tools on

Currency pairs. High qualifications are required, otherwise you can lose money,
Indices. The ability to operate on the most demanded underlying assets. The price of the indices is calculated individually.
Raw materials. HDForex offers to trade the popular WTI crude oil, platinum, gold, palladium and copper futures. It is suitable for speculative and medium-term trading,
CFD. A derivative instrument that opens up additional earning opportunities. At you can trade oil CFDs, currency pairs, indices.

Broker business model

The company profits from the income of its clients. It benefits from attracting successful players. Therefore, it offers different platform options, many tools, a large knowledge base. It regularly publishes news, discusses fundamental and technical analysis tools. The art of trading is taught: there are courses and free webinars.

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