Hedge fund as the best choice for an investor

Now in all sectors of the economy, narrow specialization is in most demand. The financial sector is no exception, where only real professionals were able to occupy a certain niche. Judging by what the forum writes about the genesysfund, they were able to competently form a team of employees and build business processes according to the best option.


Features of hedge funds

All over the world income from foreign exchange and stock markets is received not only by professionals, but also by ordinary engineers, housewives, programmers, people of various professions. They succeed in doing this due to the huge popularity of hedge funds offering an integrated approach to investing:

  • study of needs and wishes;
  • analysis of the market situation;
  • strategy Development;
  • customer support at all stages of cooperation.

As a result, a person will receive a completely finished product that does not require additional efforts. This approach allows huge amounts of money to be injected into the economy.

If earlier they simply lay on deposits at a meager percentage, now they are used to buy shares of promising companies. And those, in turn, can develop production.

That is why, in most of the world’s largest economies, hedge funds are one of the cementing institutions. It is here that huge sums accumulate, and it is from here that ordinary citizens receive additional income.

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How to pick a good hedge fund

Unfortunately, the Russian legislator has never been able to bring the norms and requirements into line with world practice. Therefore, a foreign hedge fund with great traditions and experience becomes the best investment option. As they write about genesysfund reviews, it quite falls into this category, since it received its first clients back in 2007 and still retains the title of a safe place to form investment portfolios. Its employees thoroughly know the peculiarities of the stock and foreign exchange markets, are able to use a variety of tools in their work:

  • promotions;
  • stock indices;
  • options;
  • futures.

The hedge fund’s partners in access to the interbank market are established leaders such as Jefferies and BNP Paribas, where it is registered as a retail broker. This allows us to provide brokerage services, which saves clients from unnecessary anxiety.

Benefits of mutual funds

Since a significant part of hedge fund clients are unable, for various reasons, to independently work on trading floors, brokerage services alone will not be enough for them. According to the genesysfund, the scam and the kitchen of the “pseudo-brokers” have badly damaged the reputation of these institutions. Therefore, many clients come to the fund to trade on their own. But only to do it is absolutely transparent and safe.

According to internal statistics, they often show interest in investment portfolio trust management services, since the high qualifications of the broker’s employees allow them to receive a decent income with minimal risk.

Each asset in the portfolio is acquired only after careful analysis, and its structure is formed on the basis of an integrated approach. This means that all instruments are divided into categories and sectors, after which the most promising are selected from among them.

Company’s news

The agreement on the tax reform in the United States instills optimism in investors, as can be seen from the dynamics of stock indices. They are confident that this time there will be no deception, and the president will finally be given the opportunity to sign a truly long-suffering bill. True, during the discussion some amendments were made to it. Thus, the tax will be reduced to 21% instead of 20%, as previously planned. But even this difference cannot be compared with the previous 35%. It is expected that on January 18, 2018 the law will be enacted. And then the US economy will receive a new impetus thanks to the return of capital from offshore.

Among the growth leaders in 2017 stands out Netflix, which has grown from an ordinary film studio to one of the largest sellers of video content. For only $ 10, each Internet user can connect to a library with tens of thousands of films and programs. It is expected that this year the number of subscribers will increase by 22 million, another 20.9 million will connect in 2019. The Genesysfund forum notes that Netflix shares have already risen in price by 51%, but this is not the limit. The company’s investment policy suggests spending about $ 7 billion on development, which will significantly increase the quantity and quality of content. Consequently, its services will be increasingly popular.

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