GDC – reincarnation of the Cashbery pyramid

“GDC” is the new brainchild of the unforgettable Artur Vardanyan. It came into being after the accounts of its previous pyramid were rightly blocked by the Central Bank of Russia. The website says that the Cashbury project was just a warm-up. But now everyone has gained experience and will certainly take a dominant position in the market.
As of February 2019, the GDC hasn’t gone live yet. However, several loud and at the same time extremely dubious statements have already appeared on his page.
The scammers promise that GDC will become the first global decentralized investment community. However, the very essence of the project contradicts this statement.
Decentralization means no dominant body. And will be run by a gang of rogue Vardanyan. That is, this scammer simply decided to use the current term in his rhetoric, which many associate with cryptocurrencies, known for their volatility and sky-high profits to the first investors.
By the way, reviews are already being written about GDC. There are several thousand of them. And they are all negative. Although this, if I may say so, the company has not even begun work yet.
Further more. According to the statement published on the Cashbery clone website, this project will be based on:
Multilevel Marketing. To get income, you need to attract referrals. This is a typical scenario for MLM projects and pyramid schemes.
Blockchain. Secure data exchange technology protects against hacking by storing information in lists in unrelated sources.
Vardanyan’s team calls this tandem an unprecedented event in the world of finance. But why? After all, blockchain is just a technology that has nothing to do with making a profit. This means that the scammers simply decided to use another fashionable term to gain the trust of depositors.
Vardanyan claims that all negative reviews about GDC are the machinations of competitors. The man who stole money from hundreds of thousands of people again asks him to believe and promises more fabulous profits than the vanished Cashbury pyramid promised.


The main page of the official website proudly displays the license numbers allegedly obtained after registration in 10 countries of the world. And they even offer to check this information. But:
half of the links provided do not work;
the rest contain conflicting data.
That is, in fact, Vardanyan registered 10 different companies, I don’t understand in which organizations. He also indicated himself as a director and his own secretary.
Most of the information can be obtained from the English registration of the GDC. After all, there is an address in Russia: Kutuzov Avenue 26/1, Apt 12, Moscow. This is clearly not an office, but some kind of apartment. And everyone knows that renting an apartment as a headquarters is a typical sign of a global campaign whose goal is to dominate the market. If someone doesn’t understand, that’s sarcasm.


The description of the project “GDC” says that it will specialize in trading in financial markets. It is not clear what exactly and what will be trading there. Who will trade, too. And one more question: “Why did a company that was hiding behind microcrediting at 400-600% per annum suddenly start stock exchange activities?”
Even if we ignore the reviews about GDC, one thing is clear. Before us is a pyramid, which will continue to raise people for money after the Keshbury scam that has sunk into oblivion.
By the way, in order to lure the first victims, GDC decided to attract those who invested in Cashbery. They are offered 3 options:
Transfer funds from Cashbury to GDC and continue as a recruiter. By the way, deposits are less than 30 thousand rubles. will be redirected there automatically.
Put funds for withdrawal. The debt will be paid off very slowly – 2–5% per month.
Transfer part of the money to the GDC account, and put the rest on withdrawal.
Moreover, it is recommended to do this now, before the launch of the site.

What to do for former depositors

Feedback from GDC makes it clear that in reality, the inference does not work. Therefore, all those deceived by Cashbery can not believe the new promises of the old scammers. And if they start calling and offer to invest, contact the regulatory authorities.

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  1. GDC убеждали что я заработаю деньги. Пополнил свой счет, работал..Случилась непредвиденная ситуация дома, нужны были деньги. Я поросился помочь мне вывести деньги сотрудников компании. На что услышал отказ, разобрался сам, но денег не вывели

  2. GDC вошли в доверие, развели меня и сейчас не выходят на связь. ВЕРНИТЕ МНЕ ДЕНЬГИ!!!!

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