GDC: Vardanyan is back in action

The Global Decentralized Community (GDC) offers:
Invest at 30% per month for a year or more.
Become a representative. In this case, you will need to attract new investors in exchange for referral income. Its size is 20% of the recruit’s investment and 15% of his profit on the platform.
The GDC includes 10 companies registered in different countries of the world. Registration is confirmed by:
Scanned copies of documents.
The ability to check the number on government websites.
Each organization has a different address. Moreover, they do not always coincide with the country of registration. For example, the English division of the Global Decentralized Community company indicates the following location: Kutuzov Avenue 26/1, Apt 12, Moscow. Reviews of GDC note that it is difficult to verify this information. Which raises fair suspicions from experienced investors.
The list of registered persons is limited by Artur Vardanyan. According to the documents, he performs the functions of the director of the company and his own assistant.

Investing in GDC: how much you need to have for this

The minimum contribution for new depositors is 200 thousand rubles. The company promises an income of 2 thousand rubles. per day and 720 thousand rubles. in year. The upper investment limit is one million rubles.

Project start

GDC hasn’t started working yet. It was announced at the end of 2018 and was supposed to launch in mid-February. However, the start was postponed for another 60 days. Despite this, the acceptance of deposits does not stop. Meanwhile, reviews of GDC are increasingly filled with negativity.

Source of income paid to customers

There is conflicting information in various publications by the executives. In some, they talk about investing in asset trading in the financial markets. In others – about the issuance of loans to individuals, as well as small, medium and large businesses.
Details were not disclosed. Those who write reviews about the Global Decentralized Community indicate that there is no publicly available list of exchanges where traders will work. And also descriptions of the instruments to be traded.
Lending is much more doubtful. Because in fact the company promises to pay investors 1% per day. More than 360% comes out in a year. This means that GDC must find borrowers who are ready to take out loans at huge interest rates, and at the same time be able to repay them.


The Global Decentralized Community project is the successor to the acclaimed platform of mutual lending “Cashbury”. At one time, she promised to pay her investors 2-3% per day. But it ceased operations due to the freezing of accounts by the Central Bank of Russia due to fraud.
Remember: Cashbery is a pyramid scheme. She:
She promised a super high income. No real, reliable market instrument is capable of generating 30% per month.
Did not conduct real economic activity. Those who would dare to borrow money from her at insane interest were never found.
It was an MLM structure. The company relied on a constant increase in the number of customers. Including through referrals. By raising money in this way, she paid them to old investors.
Now do you understand that GDC is also a pyramid? And no one is hiding it. Moreover, the main page of the official website proudly proclaims that Cashbery was just a warm-up.

Offer to depositors

The continuity between these organizations confirms the ability to transfer funds (which were frozen during the scam) to a new platform and continue to engage in the same activities. Reviews of the Global Decentralized Community say that potential customers are offered 3 options:
Full transfer of the deposit from Cashbury. If the amount is less than 30 thousand rubles, this happens automatically.
Withdrawal of money. The procedure is carried out in parts at a rate of 2–5% per month.
Partial transfer to a new account with the withdrawal of the balance.
At the same time, the transfer is available only to those whose deposits did not manage to reach the break-even point.
Everyone who writes real reviews about GDC is repeating: the promise of a withdrawal of funds is another Vardanyan’s divorce. In fact, this function does not work. And here’s the proof. Almost no one managed to take the money stolen by the Cashbery financial pyramid.

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