Full paragraph, or How GB OPTIONS Works

GlobalBroker OPTIONS is a phenomenal scammer. The fact is that this broker does not even try to lure clients. He is like a spider: he has woven a web and is patiently waiting for someone to fall into it. But you have to eat simpletons. And those are becoming less and less.
It is not known how, and most importantly, when the GB OPTIONS broker appeared. To find a review about it, you need to erase the scroll. Apparently, his proposals look so incredible that almost no one believes him.

Trade with no one knows what

The broker’s name contains the word “options”. Perhaps this is the very main financial instrument on which he offers to earn.
GlobalBroker OPTIONS has fifty assets. It seems to be currency pairs and stocks. It is impossible to say for sure: there is no verified data. All that is on the broker’s website is a table with quotes for some instruments.
Speaking about options, you need to understand how they differ from real financial assets. In fact, the money of those who work with them does not enter the market. Traders are simply betting on how their price will change. If they guess right, they get a fixed profit. They are wrong – they lose most of their money. This is not market trading, but something like wolf games.
To be on the top, dishonest brokers manipulate quotes, manipulate results and even cause software to malfunction. Based on scant reviews, GB OPTIONS does just that. He is now and then accused of trading against clients.

Incredible profits

How much can you earn on a trade with a regular currency pair? 2-3%, well, maximum 10%. Remember: quotes will never fluctuate so that the trader’s profit reaches 70-90% from one position.
But that’s exactly what GB OPTIONS offers. Moreover, the amount of income depends on the type of account. That is, how much money to pour into this sharashkin office. Only the most gullible can believe in such tales. Judge for yourself. If options were truly cosmic profits, other types of trading would have died out long ago.
As for GB OPTIONS, it will always be in the black. Because his clients only lose.

Information vacuum

If you go to the broker’s website, there are many reasons for thought. There is almost nothing there. Only:
Several sample pages with disclaimers, policies, risk warning.
Generalized description with enchanting promises without specifics.
Payment systems and protection names. It is impossible to confirm the presence of the latter.
And here is what is written in the description of the accounts:
The minimum trade is from $5.
The margin requirements are always 100%.
Zero commission.
Bonus size.
Profitability – from 77% to 83% (depending on the type of account).
Additional features. Market review, budget planning, trading with an expert, fast money withdrawal.
Is this enough to understand how you have to work? Unfortunately no. You will not know how long it takes to deposit and withdraw funds, as well as what fees are charged for crediting money to the account. No one will tell you how the trading platform looks and functions. Therefore, you will never understand whether it suits you or not.
Exactly how the broker protects clients’ money is unknown. All he did was put several logos on his website. But without a detailed description, these are just useless pictures.
Do you want to know at least something about the license? Your wish will not come true. There is no such information. By the way, gboptions.com says: the broker is owned by TENTRO SOLUTIONS LTD. This is more bad news. Because nothing is known about this company either.
Reviews of GB OPTIONS say: the site of this broker has a secure connection. And there is. Only now the certificate was issued in September 2018. And it expires in December of the same year. A whipped-up resource may say that it belongs to a one-day company whose goal is to quickly cut down the cabbage and disappear in order to return again, but under a different name.

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