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FXCMarkets.com offers to trade:
Currency pairs.
Commodity futures (metals, commodities, energy).
This has several advantages.

Diversification of assets

Due to the large number of instruments, each trader has the opportunity to collect a portfolio of investments, whose prices will not depend on each other. When one of the markets starts to incur losses, the rest of the directions will not be affected. So with the right distribution of capital, you can make a profit. The suite of instruments offered by FXCMarkets consists of assets suitable for fast speculative trades and portfolio stabilization.


Many traders specialize in certain types of financial products and are well versed in pricing. Thanks to a large selection of tools, they are able to find those whose value they can predict, and get the maximum profit from it.

Easy adaptation to the market

Speculative trading is subject to constant change. Some industries are gaining momentum, while others are suffering losses. Even the season can influence this. If a player has access to a large number of instruments, he can protect his portfolio from damage caused by the movement of the markets.

Safe trading

Following the lead of the best brokers, fxcmarkets.com offers segregated accounts to its clients. This means that only the owners and no one else can get access to them. They are opened in large, stable banks in Europe in dollars or euros.
FXCMarkets offers standard deposit tools: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. Funds are transferred to the account instantly. Money can be transferred via SWIFT. But in this case, you will have to wait 3 to 5 days.

Customer support. Read the reviews on our website.

The official website fxcmarkets.com contains materials that help you understand how to start trading, as well as a lot of information about the mechanisms of the market.

Demo account

This is the only opportunity to work with real quotes without financial risks. But the trading simulator is needed not only for beginners. It is interesting even for experienced players, as it helps to test the chosen strategies and algorithms in practice before entering the market.

Social trading

In addition to opening and closing positions on their own, anyone who has registered with FXC Markets can earn passive income. The mechanics of social trading involves copying transactions from the account of the selected manager to your own for a percentage of the profit. But if it starts to bring losses, it can be changed immediately.

What programs to use for trading

The broker offers to work with the best terminal for forex trading – MetaTrader 4. Why is it preferred:
Easy to learn and intuitive interface.
Flexible settings to adapt the program to your own needs.
Data protection with 2048-bit encryption.
Support for manual and algorithmic trading with the ability to deploy the platform on a virtual server for automatic transactions 24/5.
A large number of market indicators, graphical analysis tools, as well as quotes archives with the ability to download data.
You can access Metatrader 4 through the MT4 Mobile application. It is also suitable for managing transactions. The FXCMarkets website contains a browser version of the terminal that does not require installation on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is quickly configurable and supports all the tools offered by the broker.

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