Trading with FXB Trading: convenient or not

Do you want to form an opinion about the broker? Read the reviews. Little is written about FXB Trading, but good. Because it has something to offer traders with different strategies, preferences in instruments and capital.
Let’s start with the accounts. To make it easier for you to perceive the information, we decided to submit it in a “question – answer” format, and then draw conclusions.

Counting for beginners

As it is called: “Basic”.
How much you need to top up: at least $ 250.
What the broker offers:
Leverage 1 to 500.
Minimum spreads from 0 pips.
Trades from 0.01 to 40 lots.
Buying lots with a commission of $ 12 per round.
Hedging opportunity.
Free virtual server to host the terminal.
Authors of reviews about FXB agree: such conditions are ideal for traders with modest capital. Thanks to leverage, they can make good money, even if they do not close as many deals as they would like.

Account for those who have money

As it is called: “Standard”.
How much you need to top up: a thousand dollars.
This account differs from the “Basic” by reduced leverage (1 to 300) and reduced commissions per lot ($ 8 per round). Its owners receive good bonuses: they can attend educational classes once a week and use the manager’s recommendations.

Score to play for high stakes

What’s the name: VIP.
How much you need to replenish: 5-25 thousand dollars.
How does this account differ from the “Standard” one:
Shoulder. 1 in 200 instead of 1 in 300.
Commission. Six dollars instead of eight.
Free distribution of market signals.
It is suitable for medium revs. By reducing the commission, it is more profitable for a trader to conclude more deals in order to increase his income.

Account for the very rich

What’s the name: Premium.
How much you need to replenish: 25 thousand dollars or more.
Suitable for: professionals who have experience and desire to trade with a lot of advantages.
How does this account differ from VIP:
Shoulder. 1 in 100 instead of 1 in 200.
Commission. Four dollars instead of six.
Its owners receive bonuses: senior manager support and access to analytics that make trading easier.
Reviews about FXB Trading note that everyone gets almost the same trading conditions regardless of how much money they have: $250 or $25,000.

Multiple deposits for traders with special requirements

For fans of highly volatile and risky assets, a crypto account is suitable. There are more than 20 crypto pairs. Muslim traders can enter long trades in an Islamic account. It is exempt from swaps and other interest-based charges that are contrary to Sharia.
If your choice is passive income, pay attention to PAMM and MAM accounts. They provide an opportunity to choose a trader who will trade using your capital. If you wish, you can take his place yourself. That is, to receive additional income in the form of fees for managing the accounts of others.

Basic trading instruments

On, you can open trades with classic, small and exotic currency pairs. Therefore, there will definitely not be any problems with the distribution of risks.
Are you ready for more challenging trading? Pay attention to CFDs. FXB offers to work with CFDs for stocks, indices, commodities. Their prices are more difficult to predict, but income may be higher. Stable instruments will help diversify risks.

Safety of your money

The broker declares: client capital is well protected. He keeps it in segregated accounts. That is, apart from your own.
Judging by the reviews about FXB Trading, there is no need to be afraid that a conflict could break out between you and him. He is on the Financial Commission. And she guarantees the payment of compensation. Their size reaches 20 thousand dollars.

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