Forex Climb: What a Trader Should Know broker is owned by Morris Processing Ltd. It is registered in London. But she has two representations:
In Moscow. Address: Lev Tolstoy, 16.
In Sofia. Address: 14 Tsar Osvoboditel blvd.
Forex Climb is licensed by the Republic of Mauritius. When it was not there, a commission from the British Virgin Islands performed the function of the regulator.
Reviews of indicate that this broker is actively working with clients from the Russian Federation. This is confirmed by the certificate of the CFOFR. We are talking about a self-regulatory organization that unites many brokers. But membership in it does not provide traders with additional legal or financial protection. She just sells her testimonials dearly.
The advantage of is that it gives not only the addresses of its representative offices, but also the contact phone number: +7 495 966-49-74. And also an email:


Many reviews about Forex Climb cast doubt on its reputation. Traders pay attention to dubious registration documents issued offshore.

What to trade

The range of assets of “Forex Climb” is quite wide. It quite satisfies players with different financial capabilities and preferences.

Currency pairs

There are several dozen of them. These are mainly classic and most popular couples. But reviews on say that there are several exotic combinations in the broker’s piggy bank.
There are important advantages to currency pairs. They are inexpensive and volatile enough to trade quickly.


It is not entirely clear in what form they are presented: CFDs or securities. However, they are united by high price stability and liquidity. This allows diversifying portfolio risks.

Futures contracts

There are a lot of questions about this asset in Forex Climb reviews. However, it is obvious that the broker does not offer contracts for the supply of products at a fixed price themselves, but CFDs that are produced from them. The broker’s pool mainly contains commodity contracts for precious metals.

Mutual funds

Their quotes can also be considered a good source of profit. Foundations are usually stable structures. Therefore, they are steadily increasing in value. They are also well suited for stabilizing a portfolio of high-risk assets.

Passive income

To get it, you can invest in managed portfolios. They are formed by the broker’s experts who are themselves interested in profit. This gives hope for income.

Binary options

If you study the reviews about, it will become clear: this asset attracts maximum criticism. It is not connected in any way with the markets and is a regular tote:
the amount of losses is known in advance;
fixed profit;
it is necessary to guess the movement of quotes.

Where does the broker get the money

В отличие от большинства коллег, «Форекс Клаймб» облагает комиссией единственную финансовую операцию — снятие денег со счета. У него нет спредов и других сборов, в том числе на зачисление средств на депозит.
Однако размер единственной комиссии достаточно высокий — 10 %. Поэтому регистрироваться и торговать рекомендуется тем, у кого есть опыт работы на финансовых рынках. Только в таком случае прибыль покроет сопутствующие расходы.

Поддерживаемые платежные системы

You can make transactions to the account and back using bank cards Visa, Mastercard, as well as a number of payment systems:

  • Skrill.
  • WebMoney.
  • “Yandex money”.
  • QIWI.

What factors determine the duration of the transaction

From which method of transfer the trader prefers. You also need to take into account the fact that payment systems may charge commissions for performing financial transactions. This means that the choice of the method of crediting and withdrawing funds should be approached extremely responsibly.

What traders don’t like

Judging by the reviews, Forex Climb is considered an overly secretive broker. Firstly, almost no one has heard of him. Second, there are very few open source details on how to work with it. But he still calls himself one of the largest brokers in the world. This raises doubts about the advisability of cooperation.
In addition, there is no information about the liquidity providers and the method of order execution. Because of this, there is a high risk of price manipulation not in favor of traders, which repels them.

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  1. Когда регестрировался в Forex Climb, так надеялся что почту приумножать свой капитал, вложу деньги наконец в что то стоящее… Но прошло не больше месяца и начал замечать что счет мой стоит на месте, начал интересоваться где же обещание проценты??Мне сказали что с моим депозитом никакой доходности можно не ждать!! Но КАК??? Обещали ведь совсем другое, пополнять больше денег нет. Поставил на вывод, жду уже больше 10 дней

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