How the scammer works

Reviews about EXTL Technologies are absolutely negative. Rumor has it that the broker uses variegated methods of extorting money. First, it cloudes the mind with sweet speeches, and if it does not help, it moves on to threats and extortion. Let’s see if the devil is as scary as he is painted.


There is no information there that would help weigh the pros and cons. Judge for yourself. How do you know if it’s worth messing with EXTL if all it gives is:
Promises of fabulous profits.
Typical policies.
Frankly advertising text in the section “About the company”.
That is, everyone who clicks the “Register” button does so at their own peril and risk. Because nothing is known about the broker.

What to trade reviews say that cryptocurrencies and CFDs.

Where to trade

In the fourth “Metatrader”.

What’s annoying

Lack of information:
About trading conditions. Those who want to make money on their own are not told what spreads, instruments, commissions and stopouts they have to deal with.
Investment strategy. The scammer promises that experienced traders will trade for you. And that’s all. You won’t know anything else.
I would like to find out at least something about the accounts. After all, there is no information about them. Some reviews of EXTL Technologies express the opinion that this was done to scare away rogue.

What is known about trading

Brokerage schemes are called arrogant and aggressive. And that’s why. When registering, you must provide a phone number. Some time later, EXTL minions will start calling you. They work softly at first. Their task is to test the waters. They will delicately extract information about your financial condition and expectations from trading. And then they will promise mountains of gold.
Your account will be credited with $ 250 or more. The trader assigned to you will help you select several deals. They will of course prove to be profitable. But this is fiction. Everything is set up so that you believe: you can make money.
Note! Based on the reviews on, all deals are made internally. Therefore, the broker costs nothing to manipulate the numbers.
When you swallow the bait, the scammer will immediately start hooking. He will remove his money from your account. There will be only what you managed to “earn”. But you will not be able to initiate a withdrawal until you have made a deposit of at least $ 250. It is possible and less, pay extra later.
The vast majority of traders agree. Why not? After all, it turns out that it is quite possible to get rich here.
As soon as the money reaches the account, trading will begin. Transactions can be:
Unprofitable. Reviews about EXTL Technologies say that they are usually “leaked” if the client is not very rich and you can’t get a lot out of him.
Successful. And this is more interesting. If the victim is “rich Buratino,” the divorce scheme becomes more complicated.

How you get robbed

Those same “Buratino” are bred like this. When they submit a withdrawal request, they are asked to pay a commission. Scammers from EXTL explain this by the fact that they cannot withdraw their percentage of the profit, so the payment for their services must be transferred to a separate account. And then the money will certainly be withdrawn.
Note! Reviews of EXTL Technologies say that fraudsters indicate private card numbers. The essence of divorce is simple. The victim loses not only his deposit, but also the money that allegedly goes to pay the commission for the services.

Who gets the most

Judging by the reviews about, those who have no trading experience. Most often they are retirees. They are forced to:
Install AnyDesk program on your computer. The fraudster gains remote access to the victim’s PC and transfers money to himself.
Take a loan. The broker offers two options: either contact the bank or contact him. In the latter case, he “draws” borrowed money on the trader’s account and demands to pay off the debt when withdrawing profit.
But you can understand that EXTL Technologies is a fraud even at the stage of getting to know its website. There is no registration data to prove that the broker is a legal entity. As well as a license confirming the right to provide intermediary services.

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