To please our customers with a rich selection of products, our team is constantly looking for new partners around the world.
“Shelf” is one of the few stores that can offer customers things in the middle price category from a variety of manufacturers. Our store contains all the best from different parts of the world: Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, India, China, Indonesia. There was also a place for goods from Russian manufacturers. Factories and designers from different regions of the country work with us.
Elite furniture stores often overcharge. Yes, and you can usually find in them interior items in any one style. Our store does not adhere to a certain direction in design. In “Etazherka” you will find furniture and decor for interiors in various directions. To create a romantic Provence, you can buy a sideboard made of natural wood in light colors, to embody the Shabby Chic style – upholstered furniture with a characteristic floral print on the upholstery, and the Loft style will be complemented by massive metal accessories and futuristic interior items. Take a look at “Shelf” and you will be amazed by the variety of choices: a collection of exotic, bright and unusual series of furniture and accessories for creating stylish and original interiors.
When creating a cozy environment, you cannot do without decorative elements. They will be an excellent addition to the overall concept of interior design. Paintings, clocks, photo frames, vases, artificial flowers, sculptures, boxes, luxurious mirrors and much more are always available.
So let’s summarize. “Etazherka” is not just an online store of upholstered furniture. Here you can find anything you want to decorate your interior: from a wardrobe or chest of drawers to soft toys. Do not forget to follow the store’s news, promotions and assortment updates. Etazherka has official pages on social networks, which means that it is even easier to keep in touch with us!

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