Ester Holdings Inc .: reviews and food for thought

Broker Ester Holdings was registered by Vanuatu Financial Services in March 2016. It has a division in the British Virgin Islands and an office in Tallinn. Its headquarters address is Govant Building PO BOX 1276 Port Vila, Vanuatu.
The broker is regulated by the VFS license. That is, it is offshore. Ester Holdings contact phone: +44 80 0069 8464. Technical support address:
It is almost impossible to find reviews about Ester Holdings. Most of the links lead to pages of the same type that describe the advantages of a dealing center.

Trading tools

The number of assets exceeds several hundred. Although says 10 thousand. Among them:
currency pairs,
spot metals,
commodity assets,
All of them are presented in pairs with different currencies.

Terms of trade

Broker Ester Holdings Inc. promises market execution of orders using STP / NDD and ECN technologies. Orders are executed using liquidity collected from several suppliers (more than 10 market maker banks).


Низкие, от 0 пунктов. Они формируются на основании рынка.


Only Erste News account holders pay it.

Minimum position volume

0,01 USD.

Leverage size

It depends on the instrument. Varies from 1 to 3 (cryptocurrencies) to 1 to 100 (currency pairs).

Minimum deposit

Not specified.


There is no description of them on the broker’s official website. But reviews of Ester Holdings Inc. indicate two main types of accounts:
Forex-Crypto. Classic trading in Forex assets and pairs with other instruments.
Erste News. Gives access to news trading. The average order execution speed is 500 ms.
The broker has an account for those who want to make passive profits. It is called the Deposit-Account. There is no other data about him.

VIP account at

It can be made from any account. All that is needed for this is a certain amount on the deposit.


The owners of this account will need at least $ 10 thousand. They will be entitled to:
top up your account without commission;
use a free VPS;
receive trading signals in any convenient way.
As well as a personal manager, priority in all financial transactions and 25% per annum on the account balance. A little more than 2% is charged there monthly.

Erste News

To obtain the VIP status, you need $ 10 thousand. In the reviews about “Ester Holdings” they note that it allows:
claim a 20% cashback of paid commissions;
replenish without fees of payment systems;
save up to 50% when using Erste News services.


This account can become a premium account if its owner has $ 20 thousand. In this case, he will be able to:
replenish without commission;
increase your deposits by 1%.
And also will receive the support of a personal manager and priority in financial transactions.
With VIP status, the owner of any of the three accounts has the right to receive training from a broker for free.

Passive investment

Ester Holdings Inc. offers several programs to generate additional income through investment of capital. The broker’s clients can use hedge funds, as well as take part in the Active Trading program, which provides a monthly accrual of 2.08% on the balance of funds.

How to top up your account

Name Commission In what currency is the account replenished? How quickly money is credited to the account
Internet banking 0 to 2% In dollars Instantly
Visa, Mastercard 3 to 5%
Bank transfers No In Euro Up to 5 days
EPS 0 to 1% In dollars Instantly
Neteller 5 %
Skrill 2 %
UPayCard 1,9 %

How to withdraw money from Ester Holdings

By all of the above methods, except for Internet banking. The commission varies from 1 to 3%. If you send money by bank transfer, you will have to pay from € 50 to € 100. Transactions to cards and through the bank take up to 7 business days. In other cases, the money goes to the account immediately after the application is considered.

Traders’ opinion

Reviews on Ester Holdings Inc. look customized. The first 10 pages of search results lead to sites of the same type. Sometimes there are reviews in English. What is surprising, because the broker calls itself international, and works mainly with Russian-speaking clients.

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  1. Данная платформа идеально подходит для торговли. Друг подсказал мне об этой компании, и я решила попробовать. Почему пользуюсь? Моментальный вывод средств без всяких проблем, да и комфорт пользования. Поэтому могу и порекомендовать.

  2. Познакомился с платформой осенью 2019, до сих пор всё отлично, проблем не испытываю. Можете попробовать.

  3. Я не так давно Ester Holdings, и пока что мне все нравится, работает сайт безупречно, деньги вывожу очень быстро.

  4. Я в Ester Holdings уже 3 года и с уверенностью вам заявляю – ни проблем с выводом, ни с ответом консультантов и трейдеров ни разу не имел.

  5. Давно использую эту платформу… Почему именно эту? Во первых была рекомендация, во вторых есть лицензия и выводят средства без проблем

  6. Отличный трейд-сайт.Удобно торговать на нем.Уже разобрался что к чему и всем доволен

  7. Торгую и пока не жалуюсь. Могу даже рекомендовать, почему нет. Главное правило давно понял, не вестись на якобы щедрость и не покупаться на никому неизвестные конторы, это скорее всего будет развод. Ester Holdings по крайней мере не были ни в чем уличены и есть лицензия.

  8. Не выводит средства, сам торгует на клиентских счетах, задним числом меняет историю торговли.

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