Emporio financial company providing intermediary services in the Forex market. Has gained a positive reputation among competitors from 2014 to the present day. The company has both traditional trading instruments and special ones for its clients. Orientation of the company, both institutional clients and individuals from Russia. The work of the company is completely under the control of the regulator and bears certain responsibility for this.

If you look at the map of the company’s offices, the total number of clients has already exceeded 100,000.

Trading conditions

All accounts for the company today are opened in EUR. The minimum deposit is € 1000. In any of the packages, hedging and 2 bonuses are allowed.

Standard account: leverage – up to 1: 1000, 4 groups of financial instruments and 8 cryptocurrencies.

ECN account: leverage – up to 1: 200, 5 groups of financial instruments, 8 cryptocurrencies and 4 groups of shares.

ECN-GOLD account: leverage – up to 1: 100, 5 groups of financial instruments, 8 cryptocurrencies and 5 groups of shares.

The site contains information on how to trade correctly, where to start, the most popular trading questions and the ability to contact technical support.

Numerous reviews about Emporio make it clear that the broker is decent and is constantly expanding the range of its services and geography of offices. In addition to this, the broker is licensed by Vanuatu. Despite the relatively young age of the company, the broker enjoys high trust among clients. That is why they are so flattering about him on the Internet.


For customers who have verified their account, the company additionally gives 10% of the size of the deposit. The maximum bonus amount is limited to € 1000. It cannot be withdrawn from the account.

If the client made an account and replenished the account within a week after opening, then the broker issues a bonus in the amount of 50% of the size of the deposit.

For institutional players of the financial market, a Breaking Pip is provided. The account is aimed at players for deposits from € 50,000. The account has tight spreads, 22 stocks MICEX, Forex, metals, indices of world exchanges.

What is the Forex market

Forex is a financial market where traders trade. The difference between the buying and selling rates of a currency is the trader’s profit. Traders with extensive trading experience can predict where the chart will go in the coming hours, days and even weeks. It makes no difference where the client will trade from, since financial markets work around the clock.

Despite the privileges to large deposits, smaller clients have every chance to raise and earn money on Forex using their knowledge.

Investing in Forex

For many individual traders, the Forex market has been and remains the most attractive market for making money. The trader uses fundamental, technical analysis and, based on them, already makes decisions on transactions. Traders who have direct access to liquidity providers are exposed to lower risks. One of such decentralized platforms is ECN. The pricing process is transparent and accessible to a huge number of market participants. Therefore, Emporio has ECN accounts so that the client can see the protection of their investments, and this protection of funds was in fact.

As for unforeseen factors, only the default of any currency can be attributed to it.

The purpose of Forex is speculative operations with currencies, indices, stocks, which bring income to traders. The chart will always move up or down. The trader’s task is to understand where at the moment he will go and to what levels. Knowing this, you can make good money on the difference. For large investors, there is a portfolio investment option. In this case, income is considered in the long term. Cryptocurrencies have played a special role lately, since their volatility is several times higher than that of currencies.

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  1. Открыла у них счет еще в январе 2018 на 1000 евро. Большое спасибочки менеджерам за помощь. Смогла вывести первые деньги уже в феврале и по состоянию на сейчас, счет уже спел окупиться! Спасибо большое Емпорио! Буду и дальше с ними работать.

  2. Торгую год с компанией Емпорио. Пока никаких проблем нет. Открыл счет летом 2017 года на сумму в 1000 евро. Вывел 2000 евро уже в декабре и сейчас довел еще средств, чтобы более интересные инструменты использовать.

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