DX.Exchange is an EU regulated crypto exchange

Dx.exchange is controlled by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. It issued two licenses to this exchange, which give it the right to serve clients in the EU and other countries. Another regulator is the Cyprus Securities Commission. Its task is to control the work of the depository where fiat currencies are stored.

Real exchange

DX.Exchange has an office in Tallinn. It is located at Roosikrantsi 2. More than 70 engineers and other professionals work here. Their task is to ensure the continuous operation of the exchange and serve customers 24/7. To contact them, you need to fill out a feedback form, write to an email or Telegram: @ DX.Exchange_Russian.

A sea of possibilities

DX.Exchange reviews note that the exchange offers to sell and buy fiat and cryptocurrencies, making money on fluctuations in their quotes. The list of assets is constantly expanding. Most often, tokens of startups that go to the initial placement go there.
The constant growth of the assortment gives traders more and more opportunities. They can implement different strategies and trade the assets that interest them.
DX.Exchange is not only suitable for trading, but also for keeping money. She offers secure accounts. This is great news for fans of ICO token investment. They can buy them when they appear on the market, and after a few months sell them at 3-5 times more expensive. Some altcoins from successful startups increase in value tenfold.

Технология «Насдак»

«Nasdak» technology

A platform for buying and selling cryptoassets and fiat is based on it. This technology provides:
minimal delays;
increased productivity;
high speed of order processing;
reliable protection against hacking and data theft.
Dx.exchange has been praised for using Nasdaq in reviews. By the way, this technology is used by more than seven dozen trading platforms around the world.


If a client opens and closes trades for less than € 50 thousand per month, he can trade without fees. The only requirement is to pay a monthly membership fee in DXCASH tokens. This is not difficult. It is only € 10.
Traders, whose total volume of transactions exceeds € 50 thousand, pay a commission. Their size varies from 0.05% to 0.2%.
There is no information about the size of spreads, swaps and other fees. And neither on the website, nor in the reviews about DX.Exchange. They are most likely missing. And this makes trading even more profitable.


Exchange clients can use different types of orders to open or close positions. If you need to buy and sell at a strictly fixed price, the Limit order is suitable. It works like this: the client sets the specific value of the asset at which he wants to buy it. If the quote is lower, the order is not executed.
For those who want to trade at current prices, Market order is suitable. He opens or closes a position immediately. It is used to respond to sharp price fluctuations, to maximize profits or to reduce losses.


Dx.exchange offers an API for trading automation. The player will be flexible in setting up algorithms, choosing different charts and indicators. That is, to implement any strategies.

Account replenishment and profit withdrawal

Reviews note that DX.Exchange only accepts fiat currencies. You can deposit money to a trading account by bank transfer, as well as with payment, credit cards “Visa”, “Mastercard”. The conclusion is also made only in these ways. If you don’t trust the exchange and want to check it, use a bank transfer. Indeed, when replenishing from a card, you need to indicate CVV.
Based on the reviews about dx.exchange, there are no problems with trading and withdrawing funds. It is not without reason that more than 500 thousand people have opened their “Personal Account” on this exchange.

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