Do you want to know and understand the rules of the road (SDA)? Do you want to master all the intricacies of driving a car, driving a motorcycle? Are you dreaming of becoming a competent driver? Learn to drive and “feel the car”, learn to drive a car or motorcycle without an accident? Driving school SPb “FARA” in this case is the most suitable option. Do not postpone upgrading your qualifications. If your driver’s license already has a mark in the “A” category, it’s time to move to a new level and study for “B” category, and if not, we will help you master the “A” category. The specialization of our driving school is training in categories “A” and “B”. Contact us and qualified traffic teachers and driving instructors will help you gain confidence on the road.

How to choose the right driving school?

In today’s world, being able to drive a car is no longer an exclusive advantage, but a necessity. Most of the population of Russia has a driver’s license. Hence the constantly growing number of driving schools offering their services to everyone who wants to get the profession of a driver. Is it worth paying attention to reviews about driving schools, rating of driving schools? How to determine where to go to study, which driving school is better and how to choose a driving school where they teach? Driving schools in St. Petersburg and the main criteria for driving schools are as follows: 1460450137-599120.jpg

availability of a license to provide educational services;
in the presence of the conclusion of the traffic police on the compliance of the material and technical base of the driving school;
there is a training ground for driving training;
upon completion of training at a driving school, a certificate of qualification about the profession of a driver is issued;
staff of qualified traffic teachers and experienced driving instructors;
convenient schedule of classes in a driving school;
favorable location of classrooms located near metro stations;
not overpriced for the services provided.
quality driving training
Driving school SPb “FARA” meets all these requirements. Here you will learn not only practical driving skills, but also receive lessons in first aid on the road. In addition, the theoretical part of the training includes the acquisition of legal knowledge necessary for resolving complex conflict situations on the road. The main goal of our training programs is to teach a person to be responsible for the driving process and to behave confidently and safely in any driving situation.

Our training vehicles

Driving School SPb “FARA” has a modern fleet of vehicles, which includes both domestic cars and modern foreign cars.
The choice of one or another training vehicle remains with the student. The presence of dual control in the car allows the instructor to immediately help in any situation. All cars are regularly serviced.

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  1. не давно получил права.Обучался в этой автошколе.все понравилось и по деньгах дешевле нежели в других.

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