Broker Dividendcare is a company that provides high-quality brokerage services in the CIS, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The main focus is the Forex market. Since 2010, more and more people with different income levels have entered it. The company’s goal: to provide quality services to clients so that each of them can earn. Setting such a goal attracts hundreds of people willing to cooperate with a broker. That is why there are many offices in different cities.

Many forums and sites have collected hundreds of reviews about this organization. And most of them are in a positive way, since the company works with conscience and honesty.

Account types

A standard account assumes standard trading conditions without bonuses. To start trading, a trader needs to deposit $ 10,000. This is the minimum deposit in the company. All known instruments will be at the client’s disposal, as well as analytical support, signals, news for fundamental analysis.

A premium account includes even more variety of options that will ensure comfortable trading and more dense support of client transactions by the company’s specialists. The minimum deposit is $ 100,000.

For large clients, the company is ready to provide special conditions in the VIP account. The account is also assigned to especially active clients who show good results on transactions systematically. In addition, there are bonuses for deposits, tight spreads, and no requotes.

An operating license issued by the International Securities Commission confirms the legality of the company. The broker is working to ensure that every trader can make good money with her. In order to reduce risks, clients have a training course that includes not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge. Risks are of great importance when trading with leverage, and therefore you should always set a stop loss if you are not sure of a trading decision. It is better to lose less than 1% of the deposit than a significant part of it.

Dividendcare benefits

  • customer support 24/5;
  • providing analytics to clients every day;
  • protection of customer funds, which is provided by liquidity providers and large financial institutions;
  • flexible conditions that will suit any trader regardless of financial condition;
  • financial consulting services.

Financial instruments

Dividendcare clients have access to the following tools:

  • shares are part of the equity participation in the life of the company. The share gives the right to receive dividends;
  • bonds;
  • currencies;
  • cryptocurrencies (digital currencies that are issued by projects to finance development);
  • crosses;
  • raw materials;
  • energy carriers;
  • indices (general indicators for one type of stock).

Each of the instruments has its own advantages, but the currency exchange market is in great demand. Thousands of transactions worth millions of dollars are made in this market every day. That is why the chart is constantly in motion and reacts sharply to fundamental news in the world.

If the client trades for a small amount, then due to the low volatility, it is possible to increase the volume of transactions using leverage. When a stop loss is set, the deal is closed when the set level is reached. This is convenient if the trader is not in front of the terminal all day.

Dividendcare is not a scam. The broker values ​​each client and the relationship with him. Therefore, analysts are always in contact with clients and are interested in how they are doing on transactions. Thanks to this, the client receives practical advice and signals for making profitable deals. Trading is carried out on classic MT4. Any beginner can figure it out.

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