Diamond Capital

Diamond Capital is an investment consulting company. Among the main topics is how to choose a broker. Consultants are ready to help with this. Also, each trader can analyze his account with a specialist, figure out what is the reason for the drawdowns and what strategies should be used.

For those who are just going to join the ranks of exchange players, there are lessons on learning the basics, from mastering a trading terminal to complex specific techniques in market analysis. A beginner learns about the types of markets, trading sessions, the specifics of each financial instrument and chooses what to give preference to. An experienced consultant will help you choose a trading strategy. Everyone can learn to use ready-made analytics and trading “on the news” using events in the economic calendar.

Diamond Capital, represented by its employees, is always up to date with events on world trading floors. For example, recently the entire world community has been closely following 2 indicators – the price of oil and its dynamics and what will happen to Russian shares.


The release of negative forecasts from the West and the tense geopolitical situation in the country have done their job. Most of Russia’s energy producing companies are now forecasting a fall in profits of over 30%. Events on the stock market now look exactly like this: Gazpromneft shares continue to fall steadily. The total revenue at the end of 2014 suffered a drop and amounted to -122 billion rubles. The company comments on this factor as a deterioration in the macro environment around it. Diamond Capital specialists noted that the correction will not go beyond the usual corridor due to the tension in the Russian economy.

More information can be found on the website: https://stock-trade-rate.com/

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