What delloy.trade offers

DeLloy is a broker with whom you can easily make money on trading. Everything is simple here. For example, instead of a string of accounts with a bunch of conditions, there are only 3 categories of customers. They differ in the size of the deposit:
Standard. Up to € 10,000.
Professional (VIP). From € 10,000 to € 50,000.
Premium. From € 50,000.
Funding is easy. The broker supports more than ten payment systems. Fans of the classics use a bank transfer or credit cards. Those who are closer to electronic wallets choose Yandex.Money, Skrill, Qiwi or Neteller.
Reviews about “Della Trade” warn: the broker will not take commission for replenishment of the account. But it can be withdrawn by the payment systems through which the transaction was carried out.

Where to trade

In the browser terminal. Its features are sufficient for measured manual trading, intensive HFT and scalping. Most of the parameters can be changed. After that, it will become even more convenient to work.

What to trade

50 assets. Including contracts for differences and currency pairs. All tools are inexpensive, so they are available to most players. Among them there are both highly volatile and more stable ones (for risk diversification). Most of them are easy to predict. And this is very good news for beginners.
CFDs have another advantage. They can be opened in two directions of quotes. This means that you can make money on any price movement and hedge risks.
The broker was certified and offered market execution of orders. As a result, positions go to liquidity providers without processing it. This eliminates conflicts of interest and minimizes price slippage.

How the data exchange between the client and the terminal is protected

SSL encryption. This means that information is very difficult to intercept. But even if that happens, it will take many months to decrypt. By that time, it will be completely useless.
Judging by the reviews, DeLloy guarantees complete confidentiality. At the same time, it does not require a lot of personal data for verification. Only the minimum required (according to the anti-money laundering policy).

About profit withdrawal

This procedure is accompanied by a commission. It is:
€ 40 for bank transfers.
5% for other methods.

Do I have to pay for something else

Yes. The broker can take:
Inaction fee. It is deducted from the deposit 3 months after the last operation.
Payment for the maintenance of the account. Depends on the category of the client: Standard pays € 90 per month, professional – € 50.
Service fee. It is taken in the first 2 months after the last transaction. It is € 50.
In the reviews, “Delloy Trade” is recommended to those who plan to trade regularly. If you leave for a long time, you will have to pay for inaction. But the broker’s main source of income is spreads and swaps. Their size depends on the category of the client.
DeLloy does not charge for opening deals. Therefore, a monthly fee for maintaining an account is more profitable than a commission for each position.

How traders are motivated

When you read reviews about delloy.trade, you notice a lot of mentions of bonuses. Everyone who has opened a “Personal Account” receives 100–150% of the deposit upon the first replenishment of the account. This money can be used for trading to increase profits.
Delloy also charges 2-6% on the balance on the deposit after the reporting period. If a trader has a profitable deal and urgently needs money, he can ask for a loan. Of course, it must be returned with interest. Their size varies from 24% to 6%. The exact figure depends on which category the borrower belongs to: standard, professional or premium.

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