Profit on Cyrix from 1.4% per day – myth or reality

The British investment company Cyrix specializes in diversifying investments in a wide range of financial instruments:
Binary options.
Banking assets.
Their prices are weakly dependent on each other. Therefore, losses in some are compensated by others. The result is a profit.

Your approach to business

To maximize profits, most traders take short-term, high-risk trades. Cyrix is ​​taking a different path. There is a dedicated unit here that specializes in asset analysis. Thanks to this, funds are invested only in those financial instruments that are not associated with high risks. This allows you to make a profit in 97% of transactions. And close the remaining 3% to zero.
Investing in low risk instruments is not the best way to make a lot of money. But they provide an opportunity to get a stable investment portfolio in the long term.

What you need to start making money on Read the reviews on our website.

Register and choose a plan for your investment. Then – top up your account via Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer or use cryptocurrencies:
Money transferred to the account through different payment systems may be combined in one deposit. There is a special option for this. Therefore, you will be able to invest using all available funds stored in different locations.
One account can only have one investment plan. But if you are interested in investing several amounts on different conditions, register from one IP address several times.

Do I need to pay for something

No. Cyrix makes a profit from the fact that it uses its clients’ investments for transactions and investments. In this case, only part of the company’s income goes back to them. It makes no sense for her to take money for the service. Therefore, replenishment and withdrawal of funds are carried out without commission.

About investment plans

Initially, there were 7. But over time, Cyrix began to show interest in cryptocurrencies and presented another 3. Each plan has different conditions.

Investment plan Term Contribution Daily percentage (only for working days)
Plan 1 15 $ 50–299 1,4 %
Plan 2 30 $ 300–999 1,6 %
Plan 3 40 $ 1000–4999 1,8 %
Plan 4 50 $ 5000–9999 2,2 %
Plan 5 60 $ 10000–29999 2,5 %
Plan 6 70 $ 30000–49999 3 %
Plan 7 $ 50000–300000 3,5 %
BTC 260 0,081–81 BTC 2,5 %
Total Deposit 80 $ 50–500000 4 %
Total Deposit BTC 0,008–72 BTC

It is easy to understand from the table that you have 2 options:
Choose from 8 common plans (including cryptocurrency) the one that matches your capital and get a percentage based on your investment.
Stop at one of the two Total Deposit. There is a maximum daily interest and there are no strict requirements for the size of the deposit, but the exposure period of funds is 80 days.

7 levels of referral program. Feedback will help you make the right decision.

It is profitable for Cyrix to manage a large amount of money, because the volume of its profit depends on it. Therefore, the company has developed a referral program of seven levels, differing in the amount of funds raised (from $ 10,000 to $ 1,000,000). They determine the amount of additional income that a member of the referral program can receive – from $ 200 (1st level) to $ 50,000 (7th level).
To earn passive income from attracting investors, you do not have to invest in one of the 10 investment plans mentioned above (see table). This is only required when you need to withdraw your money.
Cyrix uses powerful encryption and DDoS blocking tools to protect its customers’ data. They provide not only safety, but also stable, continuous operation.

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  1. еще и спрашиваете миф это или нет?! да конечно же миф!! эти мошенники курикс или сайрикс нагло обманывают людей! никогда в жизни больше не буду с ними работать!

  2. помогите пожалуйста менеджеры из cyrix меня обманули! не хотят возвращать деньги и требуют еще денег, якобы так они не смогут мне ничего вывести. пусть знают все, что Сайрикс мошенники!

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