Crypto77 is your broker for cryptocurrency trading

The crypto77 website trades contracts for difference (CFDs) of cryptocurrencies. They are well suited for traders who do not have a lot of start-up capital on a global market scale.
Crypto77 liquidity providers are:
You can use Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, FasaPay, Wire Transfer, UnionPay or OKPay to deposit and withdraw funds.

Types of deposits

There are 5 of them on crypto77.


You need $ 500-999 to open it. What do they offer in return:
Access to all tools.
Fixed spreads.
Leverage – 1:2.
Trade with and without a dealing center.
There are no restrictions on the maximum number of orders, the volume of transactions.
Net 15% bonus.
The most expensive mailings, market signals and VPN at $ 25, 200, 50 respectively.
USDT currency.
Withdrawal of funds takes from 3 to 5 days.


Deposit – $ 1000-2499. You’ll get:
The net bonus is 25%.
Market signals for $ 100 per month.
Daily analysis.


To open, you will need from $ 2500 to 9999. You will be offered:
Net bonus of 30%.
Market signals via SMS for $ 50.
VPN for $ 25.
Access to algorithmic trading.
ECN accounts.
Free bank transfers.
Counselor services.


The range of the deposit is $ 10000-24999. Privilege:
Trading by phone.
Access to large-scale transactions.
The net bonus is 40%.
Free distribution of signals, VPN.


To open this account, you need to have over $ 25,000 in free capital. Bonuses:
Currency accounts – USDT / BTC / XRP / ETH.
The maximum leverage is 1: 3.
Personal manager.
The net bonus is 50%.
Express withdrawal of funds in 2 days.
Whichever account you choose, be aware: there are no regular and agency fees.

How to trade on Based on the reviews on our website, you can make the right decision.

The broker specializes in cryptocurrency CFDs. They allow you to make money on the rise and fall of the price, have a small minimum lot size (0.01 of the standard). That is, you can open positions even with a very limited capital.
On “Crypto77” they trade contracts for the difference in prices of bitcoin, ethereum, lightcoin, tezer. They have a significant difference in cost. But they are weakly dependent on each other, which makes it possible to diversify the portfolio and minimize risks even in the event of losses on one of them.

What platforms to trade

The main terminal for trading on Crypto77 is MetaTrader 5. It combines all the advantages of the previous generations, which are considered the most popular among private traders.
Each client receives over 50 market indicators. This allows you to build flexible strategies and analyze to predict prices. Several dozen positions can be kept open. If you incur losses on one of them, they will overlap the profits on the rest.
The platform supports algorithmic trading. If you fine-tune the software, the process is automated. With the MT 5 deployable on virtual servers, there is no difficulty in implementing 24/7 operations regardless of the state of the user’s hardware.
Crypto77 offers to use mobile MetaTrader 5. The application is well adapted for smartphones with different characteristics and operating systems. A well-thought-out interface makes trading comfortable anywhere with access to the Web.
If you are unable to use equipment with an MT 5 terminal installed, WebTrader will do. This platform is specially designed to run in browsers. It has a simplified but convenient functionality, including graphical analysis tools. specializes in cryptocurrency trading. But this does not create additional risks. Five account options combined with different levels of privileges allow you to choose the best deposit.
Read the reviews on our website.

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