Craft brewing is a craft. It is a combination of idea and work. This is a materialized thought. In some ways it is even art.
Craft Bier Cafe is a unique bar that has a place for everyone: beer and relaxation lovers, connoisseurs of beer traditions, and brewing professionals. We will try to find an answer to any question, we will find an approach to each and we will certainly find exactly the beer that will not leave you indifferent!

Here you can taste 40 varieties of draft beer and more than four hundred varieties of bottled beer – with an emphasis on craft beer, of course. We support independent Russian brewers, so you will always find unusual and interesting varieties brewed by Jaws, AF Brew, Bakunin, Victory Art Brew, LaBEERint, Mager Brewery and other enthusiasts. We are also ready to offer you beer from European brewers, whose approach to their business is fully consistent with our worldview.

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