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COINOA offers cryptocurrency trading. To do this, you can use the site, which gives you access to the largest lists of assets. That is, the exchanges where the main turnover of altcoins takes place.
Everyone who signs up at gets the same service, flexible, transparent terms of service. But there is only one account. Its feature is the setting of the risk management level. This function imposes certain restrictions on assets and positions, the use of which can lead to significant losses. The trader determines the degree of control. Experienced ones get the opportunity to realize their potential, and newbies get the opportunity to avoid fatal mistakes during the first deals.

Main currency

On, it’s a dollar. But you can use euros and pounds sterling. This allows a more flexible approach to trading and a timely response to changes in the exchange rate of fiat funds.

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The main crypto-currencies on which COINOA offers to earn are bitcoin and ether. They show constant growth and participate in the real economy, making them 100% liquid.
However, the list of assets is not limited to this. You will be able to trade:

  • Litecoin.
  • Etherium Classic.
  • Dash.
  • Monero.

There are also less popular altcoins. They provide an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio.

What is the rationale for betting on cryptocurrencies

COINOA insists on the high versatility of this asset. It is suitable for different trading tactics and strategies. It should be mentioned that the broker specializes in high-frequency trading using robots. But it doesn’t limit its clients. They can choose:
Short sales.
Day or position trading.
This allows traders with different experience, skills and approach to comfortably interact with the market, receiving the expected profit.

Trading platform

Unlike most brokers, COINOA does not use third party applications to give its clients access to the market. Instead, it offers a convenient, secure browser terminal that has all the necessary set of functions for comfortable trading. It doesn’t need to be installed: it runs from any PC or laptop. Multi-level authentication provides protection against unauthorized access.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

COINOA offers Visa, Mastercard and bank transfers. This is due to the high level of security compared to other methods of conducting transactions.

Account types

Name Deposit Shoulder
«Bronze» from $ 2000 X1
«Silver» from $ 5000 X2
«Gold» from $ 10000
«Platinum» from $ 50000 X3
«Diamond» from $ 100000 X5
VIP from $ 250000 X7

The account type determines the additional services. For example, access to market signals, training, support during trading sessions. But they are all connected with PAMM accounts, which allow you to receive passive income. Those who do not have the qualifications necessary to trade on their own or who need to diversify their assets invest in them.

Affiliate program

Broker COINOA has created flexible conditions for those who help him to attract new clients. These can be fixed payments for each conversion (account replenishment by an attracted trader) or a percentage of the profit received by the broker. There are also combined solutions. They are offered to those who do the best.
Traders can also receive payments for referrals. How much they get for it depends on how much the newbie replenishes. Reward in the form of a referral loan can reach $ 2,500.

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  1. я вкладываю в свой счет 250 доллар, и они настаивают на более чем обучении меня торговле. это мошенничество, пожалуйста, не вкладывайте в него деньги.

  2. Начал работать с в марте 18г. Звонил некто назвавшись Юрий Титов и предложил за % инвестировать 250$. Через криптокошелек ввел 150$, но мой аналитик не заинтересован в работе с такой маленькой суммой. Уговаривает увеличить её до 500$. Что подозрительно – в скайпе они удаляют все следы общения и их кошелек по переводу биткоинов, причем их кошелек динамический и все время меняется – это подозрительно. Где узнать правду о

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