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The sites and chargeback.rf look like twin brothers. There is a suspicion that they belong to the same swindler – “Legend 112”. Their task is to throw traders affected by the actions of unscrupulous brokers. How exactly? Offer to make a chargeback through the bank.

Why and чардж-бэк.рф are a scam

Because the refund procedure can start:
The victims themselves, having contacted the financial institution through which the payment was made.
Legal entities licensed to provide such services.
And nobody else. Everyone else just throws it.
“But how to check a legal entity?” – you ask. Very simple. He probably has a website. Go there and look for:
Privacy Policy.
Terms of Service.
If such information is available, there is nothing to be afraid of. And on and chargeback.rf it is not and never was.
Also, these offices do not indicate their TIN or OGRN. Why? Because they have no right to provide legal services. And they also do not want to be found by those whom they deceived.

Checking information on the site

Judging by the reviews about and chargeback.rf, all these offices can do is shoot bullets. If you believe for a moment the data that is in the public domain, it turns out that they:
They have been working for over 7 years. But in fact, a little over 2 years.
We have served over 11,500 clients. You can find out how many people have visited a particular site through third-party services. So that’s it. For 2 years, even several thousand people did not go to chargeback.rf and
Applications for the return of RUB 37.2 million are being processed. This statement is refuted in the same way as the previous one. By the way, the amount has not changed for several months.
Scammers from and chargeback.rf are sure: very few will be too lazy to check their unfounded statements. That is why they lie so confidently.

Secondary risks

Do you want to know what will happen when you give them your personal information? Do you think these guys are following the privacy policy? Don’t even dream. They will try to make money on you. Expect annoying calls from different numbers and other negative consequences up to a loan.
In the reviews about chargeback.rf and they warn: all contracts concluded with them have no legal force. This means they can do whatever they want with your personal data.

Chargeback won’t work

Little evidence? Keep it still. You will definitely be asked to send an advance for cashback. The money will need to be transferred to the account of individuals or wallets of electronic payment systems. Once you do that, you can say goodbye to them.
This is because in Russia there is no mechanism for returning funds sent to individuals and to private accounts. Therefore, you cannot do a chargeback.
By the way, if the current account does not belong to a legal entity, this is a gross violation of current legislation. But there is no one to make a claim. This is because Legend 112 is not officially registered. This means that it simply does not exist.

Purchased reviews

Another topic that comes up almost through the review about and chargeback.rf is touching videos where pensioners and elderly people thank for their help in refunding money. But for some reason, instead of “Legend 112”, many of them mention a certain “Chargeback Expert”.
That is, no one even tries to disguise themselves and follow what they write on their own website. Indeed, why. After all, there will definitely be some simpleton who will not check anything, but will simply give his money.
By the way, it is very difficult to find information about “Legend 112” on the Internet. But how is that? After all, this company has been working for 7 years and has helped 11,500 people. But if you show perseverance and look better, a lot of negative reviews will surface about her, chargeback.rf and The fact is that this is one office. She changes names periodically to fool as many people as possible.

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