Any trader who has become a victim of a scam can return money from the Broker. Moreover, using the Chargeback procedure, you can return money from the financial pyramid, binary options, online casinos, bookmakers and other fraudulent organizations.
So they say on the website of the CHARGEBACK911 company. We decided to study the information and find out if everything is so.
We also monitored the reviews, as it turned out, everything was not so smooth. And we can even say that CHARGEBACK911 is just another scammer.

According to the company CHARGEBACK911 the main requirements for the return:
1. You transferred the invested funds from your card. If suddenly you sent your funds from a wallet, or from an online bank, or gave it in cash, or through payment systems such as Western Union, then it will NOT be possible to return the money using the Chargeback procedure.
2. The next requirement is that you made the transfer to the company’s account directly or through any payment system. And if you transferred money to an individual’s card, to wallets, exchangers, it will be impossible to return. Since the Chardjbek procedure does not apply to these transfers.
3. The last requirement – no more than 540 days (one and a half years) have passed since the transfer of your funds to the scammers. These are the rules of the IPU Visa / Mastercard. Everything that was previously translated cannot be returned.

Yes, even a little funny. Do people really think that everything is how easy and carefree.
In fact, it takes a lot more paperwork and time.

If you read and understand that you have a chance to get your money back, then, according to CHARGEBACK911 specialists, you must first take the following steps:
A) Go to your personal account on the broker’s website, take screenshots where you can see your balance, surname and name, trading account number and email.
B) Take screenshots of the trading history and save it on your desktop.
C) Take screenshots of overdue applications for the withdrawal of sredtvt and also save them on your computer. Later for the Chargeback procedure, this data may be useful to you.

Having saved all the information, you will need to contact the broker with a claim and demand for a refund, then you will need to draw up an application to your issuing bank, this is your bank that issued your card, with an application for a refund. In order not to break the woods, I recommend contacting your lawyer, or the company CHARGEBACK911 Competent lawyers will correctly draw up the necessary applications and send them to the bank. Also, in case of refusal, a good lawyer will always protest the results of applications, only for the bank to take the client’s side and return payments from the fraudulent company!

Everything seems to be true, but … Unfortunately, more and more people of age, pensioners, are falling into the trap of scammers, and not everyone knows what even a “screenshot” is.
CHARGEBACK911 assures that everything is simple, they guarantee help.
But we are more than sure that at the very beginning of work you will need to pay an advance payment. And who knows, they will return the lost money to you, and together withdraw your advance payment …

Reviews on the network are also not on the side of CHARGEBACK911. So be careful. All good!

3 thoughts on “Chargeback from the broker reviews

  1. Мошенники! Осторожно с ними. не платите на перёд ничего, меня chargeback911 обманули на 400 $, думаю было бы больше они и те выманили, а так я весь в кредитах

  2. Наказывать таких аде, да вот некому. Я пенсионер отдал все свои последние деньги, ноуслуг е получил

  3. Почему все юристы просят большой % за возврат денег. У меня крупная сумма и некоторые от возврата просят 200 тыс руб. Ну это же воровство, грабеж. Неужели невозможно на законодательном уровне запретить юристом брать большие % за результат от простых людей.

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