Capital Level is a broker for traders with any knowledge and budget

Individuals cannot access the assets of the world’s financial markets if they do not have sufficient capital. They need the help of an intermediary, that is, a broker. Many people choose Capital Level. He operates in the international market, serving clients from the UK, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and other countries.
Capital Level does not manage investments, but provides access to speculative trading platforms. She is chosen by:
For minimal spreads.
Instant opening and closing of positions.
No commissions when depositing funds and withdrawing funds.
Transparent order execution policy.
Leverage – up to 1: 400.
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The number of assets available for trading on exceeds a hundred. But there are two tools:
Currency pairs.
CFD. Contracts for the difference in prices of raw materials, stocks, stock indices, currency pairs will help you earn money regardless of the vector of asset quotes.
They are suitable for speculative trading with any capital. Their independence from each other contributes to the creation of a diversified portfolio that will be profitable even in the presence of unprofitable positions.


MetaTrader 5 is the main terminal for trading through the Capital Level broker. This series of platforms is in the highest demand. The latest generation program combines all the advantages of the previous versions:
High data security. Sophisticated encryption is used to prevent theft of information during interception.
More than 50 market indicators. You can analyze price movements using the tools that are best suited to the chosen trading strategy.
Over 30 simultaneously open positions. The number of transactions for a certain period of time levels out losses on individual positions with profits for the entire portfolio.
Algorithmic trading support. Flexible settings allow you to open and close deals automatically. You will react faster to changes in prices for the instruments you are interested in.
Work through VPS. Terminal “Metatrader 5” can be deployed on a virtual server. This will minimize operational disruption due to the characteristics of your equipment.
Capital Level offers to use WebTrader as an additional terminal. This version does not require installation on hardware, as it runs in a browser. There are graphical analysis tools here. You can also flexibly customize the terms of transactions and track price movements in real time.
WebTrader can be synchronized with MetaTrader 5. All you need is your account login and password. This allows you to trade anywhere you have access to browser-compatible devices.

Accounts and currencies

Capital Level has set a minimum deposit of $ 500. It divides clients into categories based on professionalism, skills, financial capabilities and other significant factors. This determines the degree of assistance in order execution. For example, private traders can count on support up to a certain level. To go to the next one, you need to have at least $ 500 thousand on the deposit.
An account can be opened in different currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, TRY or KZT. But other units will be offered if necessary.


Capital Level teaches novice traders in technical and fundamental analysis. Thanks to this, they understand how indicators work and what to look for when choosing trading instruments. The latest news and economic calendar help you make the right decisions.
Individual clients receive bonuses ranging from $ 1 to $ 50,000 or the equivalent. They cannot be withdrawn, but can be used in the trading process. This allows you to make good profits, but also increases your losses in case of losses.
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