As usual, Bytex authors see themselves as an innovative platform with good income and minimal investment.

And they are engaged in the storage of cryptocurrency assets and paper money.

According to the authors, the platform has its advantages:

  • official registration;
  • use of advanced technologies;
  • unique methods of development and scaling are used;
  • own BUX-token;
  • maximum speed of transactions and order fulfillment;
  • advanced ways to protect user funds and data;
  • unique trading instruments;
  • constant updating and scaling;
  • unique affiliate program;
  • stable operation of the platform and technical support 24/7.

To gain access, you must enter your e-mail. A code will be sent to him to access the platform. After activation, you can go through a secondary registration, but without the sponsor’s login, you cannot enter the exchange. That is, they allow the chosen ones there, who are most likely to be interviewed, prove that they are the chosen ones and deserve to become members of the Bytex cult.

Then everything goes along the knurled road. You replenish your account, after which the funds are transferred to the own cryptocurrency of the BUX project. You are unwound more and more, they offer cool bonuses, and so on.

The project provides five tariff plans

Tariff “Silver”. 500-2,000 BUX tokens. Profit rate – 3.85% weekly. The plan is valid for 52 weeks. Token bonus – x2. Binary bonus – 10%. Direct bonus – 10%. Matching is not. The binary limit is 5,000 BUX tokens per week.

2. Tariff “Gold”. 2,000-8,000 BUX tokens. Profit rate – 4.23% weekly. The plan is valid for 52 weeks. Token bonus – x2.2. Binary bonus – 10%. Direct bonus – 10%. Matching – 20%. The binary limit is 20,000 BUX tokens per week.

3. “Platinum” tariff. 8,000-25,000 BUX tokens. Profit rate – 4.62% weekly. The plan is valid for 52 weeks. Token bonus – x2.4. Binary bonus – 11%. Direct bonus – 10%. Matching – 20/15%. The binary limit is 80,000 BUX tokens per week.

4. “Diamond” tariff. 25,000-100,000 BUX tokens. Profit size – 5% weekly. The plan is valid for 52 weeks. Token bonus – x2.6. Binary bonus – 12%. Direct bonus – 11%. Matching – 20/15/10%. The binary limit is 250,000 BUX tokens per week.

5. Tariff “VIP”. 100,000-500,000 BUX tokens. Profit size – 5.77% weekly. The plan is valid for 52 weeks. Token bonus – x3. Binary bonus – 13%. Direct bonus – 12%. Matching – 20/15/10/5%. The binary limit is 1,000,000 BUX tokens per week.

This is how Bytex scammers are lured into the trap. But if you take a closer look at the project itself, it turns out that it has nothing to inspire confidence.

  1. The site is written in a simple constructor without a unique script.
  2. The site has many links to social networks, but the real connection with the administration is only through e-mail.
  3. Head office address not specified.
  4. There are no details, although the authors claim to be an official platform with a license.
  5. There are no online reviews.
  6. No legal documentation or warranty.
  7. No legal information found.


The project has been working relatively recently. Therefore, so far there is not a large number of good, detailed reviews on it. But nevertheless, we found something.
All that was found in a large number of negative. Many write that this is a divorce and a scam. We cannot say for sure whether to believe the reviews or not, but we advise you to check all the information before you start working with Bytex.

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