About Bter

Bter is a Chinese exchange established in 2012 by Jinan Manwei Information Technology Co, Ltd. The mission of the exchange is to provide safe, efficient and fair cryptocurrency trading services.

The company is one of the few exchanges that also work with fiat money, in this case, US dollars and Chinese yuan.

Trading on the exchange is carried out in 100 cryptocurrencies.

This platform is protected by an SSL certificate, a Web Application Firewall, manual withdrawal confirmation, and two-step authentication with Google one-time passwords. Most of the funds in the system are stored in cold wallets.

Trading and withdrawal fees are the lowest in the entire field of exchange trading. There is a 0.2% commission charged for buying and selling.

Investment programs

The exchange offers a unique investment program, with which you can earn 10-12% per year in terms of the return on investment ratio, while withdrawing funds is carried out without commission. The collection of dividends takes place once a day, the interest rate is from 0.1% to 2% per annum.

The exchange created a special software called BterTrader. BterTrader is a tool that allows you to track trading performance, moving average indicators and market depth right from your computer screen.

There is also an android application Bter.

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