BTCPRO — keep up with the times.

The most important criteria for each of us when choosing a wallet is security. BTCPRO has complied with all possible standards. BTCPRO, which has been providing its clients with safe and comfortable storage and use of cryptocurrency for a long time. The unique Hide transactions system 733 allows users to make transactions without being reflected in the blockchain.

There are two types of wallets:

  • cold wallets,
  • hot cryptocurrency wallets.

Both types of wallets are popular. Among all cold cryptocurrency wallets, we have chosen Ledger as one of the most popular, the leading wallets among hot ones – Blockchain, Bitcoin Core and BTCPRO.

What to look for?

By now, the development of the cryptocurrency industry has led to the development of the following main ways of implementing cryptocurrency:

  • Direct sale without intermediaries
  • Selling with the involvement of specialized services, for example, Webmoney
  • Exchange in a cryptocurrency “exchanger”
  • Withdrawal to a specialized payment card provided by some cryptocurrency exchanges.


Choose reliable wallets, trust your cryptocurrency to an attorney. With BTCPRO you will always be calm and protected.

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