«BronzMarkets» is a scammer that everyone should know about

Reviews about BronzeMarkets – a rare bird in the Russian-speaking segment of the Global Network. But the alarm is being sounded abroad with all their might. The traders there say: this broker is still a fruit. He constantly does not say something, sets strange commissions for withdrawing funds, and also significantly overestimates the size of spreads and the minimum deposit.

Dark story

The authors of reviews about the BronzMarkets broker often exchange opinions about its origin. The reason is simple: to understand where it came from is almost impossible. After all, there is no exact data on the official website. But if you analyze indirect information, a disappointing conclusion suggests itself. It turns out that the legs grow from South Africa and Cyprus.
The broker also does not disclose its license number. However, he claims to be a member of the ICF. It is an investor compensation fund founded by CySEC – the Cyprus Securities Commission. A few words must also be said about this organization. In recent years, it has been constantly criticized by European regulators. She is blamed for working with scammers and failing to fulfill her obligations.
But back to ICF. The amount of compensation of this fund to one client does not exceed 20 thousand dollars. But it still needs to be fought for. It is appointed either by the decision of the CySEC already familiar to us, or through regulatory bodies. That is, in the end, you can be left with nothing.

Leading liquidity providers

This is another invention of BronzeMarkets. The broker does not name specific companies and organizations. Although this would become its competitive advantage.
The broker’s website talks about account segregation. And not just anywhere, but in one of the largest European banks Barclays. But it was not possible to find confirmation of this.
Moreover, there are reviews on the Internet about BronzMarkets, where it is directly stated that it does not fulfill its obligations, but acts according to an established scheme. When a client requests a withdrawal of funds, he is refused and transferred to a manager. The latter’s task is to fool his head with lucrative offers and continue to cheat for 6 months.
Why so long? It’s simple. After this period, the trader will not be able to return his deposit through the bank.

The devil is in the little things

Even if you close your eyes to reviews on bronzemarkets.com, it is easier to catch him in fraud. It is enough to go to its official website. What to look for:
The absence of specific contact information and historical background (year of foundation, stages of development).
Low quality resource. It can be seen that it is made very badly. This is a typical template site with pages hastily filled with information.
Lack of description of individual tools.
The leverage is too wide – 1 in 400.
Speaking of instruments. BronzMarkets has an abundance of them: indices, CFDs, currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energy resources, agricultural products. Inflating the assortment is one of the favorite activities of scammers. In fact, everything you trade is Forex assets and CFDs, including cryptocurrencies. Because other tools are very expensive.
BronzeMarkets’ attitude to Crypto is surprising. The broker gives the impression that this is the most important trading tool. But for some reason it is silent about the accounts and the list of cryptocurrencies that can be traded.

Second milking

Do not assume that the fraudster works alone. As a rule, when a client realizes that he was deceived and tries to find a way to get his money back, another organization comes into the arena, allegedly specializing in cashback. She says that she will certainly help, but first asks for an advance payment. This is a lie. As soon as the money is transferred, the dialogue will immediately stop.

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