“Broker Yard”: where to learn to trade and start making money

BrokerYard has been operating since 2013. He welcomes clients with different experience, capital, strategies. Its liquidity providers are major financial market players: Bank of America and Barclays.

What account can I open.

After reading the reviews on our website, you can also find out this and a lot of other information.

There are 4 options:
Mini. This is the basic account. It is suitable for beginners who do not yet know whether to trade constantly. To open it, you need at least $300.
Standard. Designed specifically for those with experience but not a lot of start-up capital.
Exclusive. Focused on clients with an impressive amount of funds. They get the opportunity many times multiply their income.
Special. Designed for traders with special requirements for service quality.
The amount of the deposit for each account is different. Therefore, you can choose those privileges and functionality that suit your needs.


To access the markets, you need to use special applications. The aim of brokeryard.com is to create a trading environment that will appeal to people with different preferences. Therefore, he offers 4 options.

Classic MetaTrader 4

Popular platform. It has existed for a long time, has impressive functionality, many indicators, and allows you to trade with different instruments. With flexible settings and additional options, you can start automated trading.


An application created for convenient trading on PCs and laptops running Windows, iOS, Linux. There are several dozen indicators, a graphical presentation of information, there is a possibility of technical analysis. Through WebTrader, you can access your account in the «Metatrader 4» program and manage transactions.

BrokerYard Tablet Trader and Mobile Trader

Designed specifically to trade on tablets and mobile devices. Convenient, informative interface simplifies control of transactions, closing orders. It is possible to close and open positions through a broker within the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Customer reviews on the site will help you make the right decision.

What to trade on brokeryard.com

Shares. The choice of those who are well versed in the activities of enterprises that issue securities. Recent events show that many listed brands are prone to volatility. This provides an opportunity to engage in speculation.
Indices. A common tool to diversify your portfolio. Anyone who chooses “Broker Yard” will be able to trade indices of Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, JSE and other world exchanges.
CFD. It is a secondary tool, but flexible and popular. Despite the fact that it does not have its own monetary expression, it is possible to make money on active trading.
Raw materials. Energy resources, agricultural products, precious metals are suitable for speculative trading and medium-term investments.
Currency pairs. Trading classics for individuals. The market offers many options with different volatility indicators. Anyone who understands the principles of trading and how financial processes go will be able to earn money.

Automatic trading

Experienced traders can use everything a broker has to offer: tools, a trading simulator, an abundance of reference information, platforms, up-to-date reports and market volatility. If you have free funds for additional profit, but do not have time, you can use an additional service. Trades will be chosen by BrokerYard managers. They will only offer the most profitable and safe options.

Read the reviews on our website and make the right decision.

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    1. Вы вовремя все закрыли. У меня все слили, когда заметила, уже ничего не было. Пусто. Денег нет. Вы смогли вернут свои дееньги? Я хочу вернуть свое. Напишите мне, пожалуйста, если у Вас получилось, и как ed2****@gmail.com

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