Fraud among brokers is a common problem that becomes more and more urgent every year. If the procedure for replenishing the deposit does not cause any problems, then with the withdrawal of the earned money or with the return of the deposit, global ones begin. Usually, this happens if the broker is a pure thief and tries to warm up the next gullible user, for all the savings the latter has. In such cases, initiation of the chargeback procedure is the best way out of the situation. A rather complicated algorithm of actions that is beyond the power of an ordinary trader in a state of despair. This is where the great saviors appear, in the face of companies that promise attention! Quickly and reliably return every single penny to the rightful owner. Everything would be fine, but there is one problem – it will not work out quickly, and to promise such a thing is pure lies, at the initial stage there is not even cooperation yet. One of these heroes is Broker-Ckam.
Who are Broker-Scam
The site was registered in the last 2018 and it is not yet a year old. The owner is not specified, a private person and that’s it. Opening the main page, we come across a lot of charitable blocks with articles about the company’s mission, priority tasks, goals and a desire to help everyone and everyone, in case of getting into a difficult situation with an unscrupulous broker. Everything looks very positive, and willy-nilly you begin to believe that everything that is written about is holy truth.

The first thing that confuses is that the consultations are free and the specialists of this register (and this is the register on the site of which information about fraudsters is collected in order to warn and insure traders from unprofitable cooperation), individually analyze each case of fraud, consulting absolutely free of charge, and directing on the right way to solve the problem. In particularly difficult cases, these same specialists can recommend the best and most reliable money-back company.

No legal address, no actual office address, no licenses, nothing else. Phone number, email and Samaritan consultants.

What happens next? Since Broker-Scam is actually a “daughter” of, it is logical that it is there, to the best of the best, that all suffering are sent. And here a completely different story begins. There is practically no information about the broker-scam on the network, this is logical, because there is nothing at all, but there is just a dime a dozen about the senior project
Where do we go next after Broker-Scam
When heading for a recommendation to this company, it is worth knowing what will actually happen there. The chargeback resource is owned by the American company Cactil LLS. The website has a registration address, which doesn’t really exist. This is one of those virtual buildings in New York that costs a penny to rent. Further, the company was registered in 2016, and the age of the site suggests that it, like the scam broker, is not even a year old. IP leads to Germany.

There is no registration in Russia, although they have written a mythical address of the office space, which in fact turns out to be a room with a lawyer who is hired to work with Russian-speaking clients who have a cooperation agreement with companies, which is not prohibited by Russian law. It is for this reason that a prerequisite is indicated on the site – a preliminary appointment for a personal consultation.
Documents and privacy policy
When asking for help, everyone hopes for confirmation of cooperation with an appropriate document, but in reality a letter of agreement will be sent to the mail. An incomprehensible formulation, apparently created for maneuvers during the proceedings. If the letter is an advisory document, then the agreement is a contractual document. Are you, or not, responsible to your client? Unclear.

The privacy policy has strange wording, namely, the right reserved for the company to immediately change it, and in order for everyone to stay up to date on changes, it is recommended to periodically monitor what is new in the lines of the section. Another point, in principle, personal information is not transferred to anyone and under any circumstances, but the transfer of personal data to third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Company is not considered a violation. Who are we talking about? Is it not about brokers, the very unscrupulous ones from whom we ask you to protect and punish?
User reviews
There are enough negative reviews on the network. The only thing that needs to be caught in time, otherwise conscientious employees will erase everything in the shortest possible time. Even the official representatives themselves speak about this, in their refutations:
“We really do work with freelancers to track mentions of us in order to unload employees.”

Paid positive – a pack of rubles, it is not difficult and absolutely real, like press releases, which are thrown into the network in tons. In reality, the number of deceived users is unreal.

Payment for services: there are moments
It is important that the subtleties of providing assistance are voiced by employees after analyzing the situation. According to statistics, the company takes on only those cases, the amount of theft of which has exceeded 5 thousand dollars. It is cost-effective and justified in terms of time and effort spent. With those who have less amount, they say goodbye very correctly, providing step-by-step instructions for self-return of their own funds. Of course, there is no need to pay for this instruction. Clients who take on the case must make an advance payment of $ 400, with the wording for consulting services. Further more. This amount does not include expenses for translations, notarization, as well as costs associated with the work of lawyers, accountants, and other unforeseen expenses. All this is additionally summarized and discussed with the client.
So it turns out that turning to Broker-Scam, we will automatically get to, a company that has dubious places of registration, draws up dubious letters of agreement and is not responsible either for personal data or for paying for its own services, has no employees in country, does not have an office at the place of registration. Recommended carefully
study helper companies, which in reality are tied to each other, and commit a single deception of already deceived users.

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