Real Bitpulses Reviews: The Truth About How Scammers Work

Broker Bitpulses has been operating since 2017. All this time he tirelessly cheats people for money.

Loud promises

That is one statement about “the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies.” If so, why, then, no more than two hundred unique users visit
And these promises of stable earnings, subject to high activity. In fact, they need to be interpreted as follows: give us more money, and we will squeeze every last penny out of you.
Here’s what you find out if you read reviews about Bitpulses. It turns out that the scammer says he maintains reliable payment systems. What kind? According to legend, this will become known only after registration. But in reality, things will probably turn out differently. Most likely, the money with which the trader replenished the deposit will immediately go to the left accounts or wallets of individuals.

I won’t tell anyone

Bitpulses hides:
number and place of registration;
the address;
a copy of the license to provide services.
And without all this, it cannot be a legal entity. And you can’t find him.
There is not even a phone number. There are only two communication methods available:
form for sending messages;
At the same time, the broker promises constant 24/7 support. As they say, good luck in solving urgent issues.
Of course, the lack of phone numbers is understandable when you consider that Bitpulses is a scam. Because dishonest brokers use the site as a screen. That is, in case someone wants to check it. They search for victims on the phone, calling many hundreds of numbers.

One water

Reviews about Bitpulses are full of indignation. They complain: instead of giving specifics, the broker talks about a wide range of cryptocurrency assets. There are hints of CFDs and crypto pairs on his website. But on trading forums, there are often references to binary options.
And how do you like an exclusive platform, which in design, functionality and other parameters corresponds to most of the same ones, but presented in the public domain? There are several reasons for this:
Fraud. No real money is received on the trader’s deposit. Thugs “Bitpulses” can show any numbers.
Easing the vigilance for divorce. The victim is shown that her trades are profitable. And then they hint, no, they even demand more money.
The exclusive platform allows the rogue to completely control the actions of traders.

Purchased opinions

Real reviews about Bitpulses are negative. Finding them is easy. But there are openly selling sites that sing praises to the scammer. However, he does not invest heavily in promoting his resource.
This approach is easy to understand. It makes no sense for a broker to increase traffic, since he does not plan to stay under his current name for a long time. When the stream of victims dries up, he will simply change the sign. So why invest in worthless ads?

How to bred to bitpulses.som

The scheme is simple:
The victim receives a call. Usually a person is told that he left his data somewhere. In fact, his number was taken from an illegally purchased database.
The broker’s people are convincing to invest. They are not greedy at first. Although the minimum deposit is $ 300, they will gladly take $ 50-60. If only the newcomer did not get off the hook.
Every trade is profitable. This is how Bitpulses shows that he can be trusted.
The person is allowed to withdraw a small amount. This is another way to lull your vigilance. And then they persuade them to invest more money, promising super profits.
When the victim wants to take his capital and profits, he is blocked.
The reviews on gave us an interesting story. After a deposit and a few days of trading, one person got their account blocked. And after that they called and said that they needed to give more money, otherwise access would not be returned.

Register or not

Of course not. Because Bitpulses is a fraud. He will go to great lengths to steal as much money as possible. May even threaten the prosecutor’s office.
But there is no need to be afraid. Bitpulses does not exist. This means that traders do not owe her anything. If you signed up or got hooked in any other way, in no case give money in excess of the amount that has already been transferred.

6 thoughts on “Bitpulses

  1. Я работаю с Bitpulses. почитав отзывы сейчас очень волнуюсь за свои деньги. Может есть какие советы? как лучше сейчас действовать?

    1. Мой тебе совет, выводи свои деньги но выводи так что бы они не поняли ничего. Потому что как только поймут что работать ты больше не намеряя сразу же сольют деньги. Как было и сонной.

  2. Bitpulses это просто дно. У меня уже был опыт работы с другими подобными компаниями, но такого я еще не встречал. Наглые, самоуверенные работники, только выдурят с Вас все деньги и на этом все.

    1. да полностью согласна с Вами. Сотрудники компании и сама компании все они мошенники!!!

  3. Да я тоже попал на ловушку этих мошенников. Позвонили предложили, все так красиво, красочно. А итог гол как сокол. Берегите себя и свои деньги.

  4. Добрый день. Читаю статью и нахожусь в лёгком шоке. Почему я не начал рыть информацию перед тем как начать работать. А теперь когда уже все потерял я очнулся и начал читать отзывы статьи. Вообщем не советую я работать с Bitpulses – лохотрон это.

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