The Bitbon System is an integral decentralized system based on Blockchain technology, which is essentially a platform for Contributing. Under the terms of Public Contracts, Bitbon of various projects and the management of legal relations between its Users, the key component of which is Bitbon.

The system is intended for use in the financial sector, law, business activities. Management of rights to Assets, assessing property rights to Assets, transferring property rights to Assets of various types, including: movable and immovable property, machinery and production equipment. Bank deposits, copyrights, financial instruments, securities, know-how, trade marks. Shares in statutory funds and other companies, shares in various projects with legal entities and individuals and other values.

BITBON system

The System provides services that allow you to keep records, exchange settlement funds, raise funding through Contributing and conclude secure transactions, as well as secure digital transfer of property rights to Assets. At the same time, the stages of Contributing can be divided into basic processes (for more details – “The principle of interaction between the System participants in the Contributing process”). All transactions in the System are instant and irrevocable, and its operation is based on providing all participants with the opportunity to create and use their Assetboxes to directly manage their property rights to the Assets designated in BITBON.

One of the main advantages of the System is to improve the efficiency and functionality, security, fault tolerance, and reliability of storing information on property rights to Assets by optimizing the property rights management system to Assets and using innovative software and hardware solutions. As well as the creation of a convenient and efficient digital method for redistribution, transfer, accounting and management of property rights to Assets designated in Bitbons.

System features

In addition, the System achieves an increase in the transparency of the contractual relations of the System participants on the transfer of property rights to the Assets and their management by providing the opportunity for free access to the Blockchain and the system components that ensure its functioning. Separately, it should be noted that the System provides the ability to automatically record all transactions in the Blockchain.

In general, the Bitbon System covers all types of human and state activities on a transnational scale. And it is based on the inherent absolute potential for the development of global social significance in all spheres of public life.

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