How to play with Bingo Boom

BC “Bingo Boom” was registered in 2011. Since 2016, she has been accepting sports betting. And in 2017, a website appeared. Thanks to this, everyone got the opportunity to invest money in the game without leaving home.

Tote options

The prematch offers to put on a variety of competitions in different leagues and classes of 30 sports. The number of choices (options for the development of events that you can bet on) depends on the significance of the game. Let’s take football matches as an example. Here the number of positions reaches 270 (including handicap, Asian handicap, standard and quarter totals, combined options). The average size of the margin set by the bookmaker is 5%.
In addition to the prematch, live bets are available. Bingo Boom monitors many competitions at the same time, updating the information in the betting window in real time. Even if not the most interesting and entertaining football match is ahead, the bookmaker can offer more than 100 choices. The average margin in live is slightly higher than in prematch (5.5%).


The bookmaker “Bingo Boom” offers to invest in other gambling games. Most of them are lotteries with balls: sea battle, Keno, Bingo X. But there is also roulette, Money Wheel, poker.
Their advantages are simple rules, the ability to implement different game strategies and even hit the jackpot. Live video broadcasting provides an opportunity to closely monitor the actions of the croupier or the machine from which balls with numbers appear.

Bonuses and promotions

Bingo Boom is a generous bookmaker. She gives bonuses for various achievements (from registering an account to the largest winnings in a certain time). Want to earn more on the sweepstakes? Place your VIP bet. Is your goal to have fun? Compete with other players or earn free bets for high activity.
The most common bonus is 100% to the first deposit made. But the maximum amount of incentives is limited to 50 thousand rubles. The winning amount is always displayed minus the bonus.


After registering on you need to top up your account. The bookmaker supports different ways of making a deposit. For example, through the payment systems “Visa”, “Mastercard”, “Qiwi”, as well as mobile operators (“Big Three” and Tele2).
The only supported currency is the ruble. The minimum deposit is 100 rubles. There is no upper limit for a transaction. Funds are received immediately.
BC “Bingo Boom” compensates for the costs of betters to replenish the account. Therefore, when choosing the transfer amount, you can ignore the commission. She also takes on the costs of paying the 13% tax on winnings.

Withdrawal of funds. Read the reviews on our website.

The minimum transaction size from the deposit is 100 rubles. The maximum is not limited. The bookmaker does not charge a withdrawal fee. The procedure takes no more than a day. It is very fast compared to most of the competition.

Use of services

To be able to place bets and withdraw winnings, you need to go through verification. Bingo Boom bookmaker offers two options for verifying your identity:
Video communication via a camera on a PC. You need to show your passport.
A visit to one of the betting points or any Euroset salon.

Fair play

The bookmaker strictly monitors forks and corridors. Everyone who makes them will be punished: they will have their maximums reduced.

Technical support. The reviews on our website will help you make a decision.

You can contact the bookmaker’s specialists in three ways:
By phone. The reaction time is 1-5 minutes.
E-mail. The answer comes within 1-3 hours.
Through chat. React in 1-3 minutes.
Complaints are dealt with quickly and with the assistance of an independent intermediary (“Bookmaker Rating”).

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