’s proprietary pricing technology allows you to generate the same percentage of returns as traders in the interbank market.

Live prices in the present tense, standardized against the interbank options markets.
Payout over 100% on simple Rise / Fall contracts.
Profit over 1000% on High / Low and Touch / No Touch contracts.
No hidden fees or fees.

Trade on the site

Why limit yourself? Whatever your view of the markets, allows you to apply your strategy and profit from your predictions.

  • Choose a payout from $ 1 to $ 50,000.
  • Trade all major currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities.
  • Choose a duration from 10 seconds to 365 days.
  • Choose a strike price.

Know in advance the potential profit and loss

At, you can always assess the risk and potential reward even before purchasing a contract.

  • Select a payout and our system will calculate the rate required to purchase the contract.
  • You only risk the amount of the bet, which always remains the same.
  • You can sell the contract before its expiration date to maintain your existing profit or minimize your loss.

One simple platform offers global financial markets on an easy-to-use platform.

  • Find the right contract for any market conditions.
  • Buy a contract in seconds.
  • Track your portfolio live.
  • Sell the options ahead of schedule at the market price.

Licensed and reliable broker, trustworthy

You can count on to be fair and honest in providing any service to you.

  • We have boasted an excellent track record since launching our platform in 2000.
  • Our business has been licensed and regulated by the financial authorities of the British Isles, Japan and Malta since 2015.
  • We keep your funds in segregated accounts at trusted and licensed financial institutions.

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