Beau monde

What is beauty? Each person puts something of his own into this concept. But most of us sincerely want to look beautiful, even if we don’t always talk about it out loud. In order for your own reflection in the mirror to always please you, and the body breathe health, in the city of Nalchik, guided by European quality standards, the Bew Mond center was created. This is a modern beauty club, which employs experienced masters who do not stand still, but constantly improve their skills. You can safely surrender into their hands and know that the result will surely please you! This is evidenced by numerous reviews of regular customers of Beau Monde, who feel at home in the Beau Monde club (and the atmosphere really has it)!

“Bew Mond” today – it is more than 60 types of services, including hairdressing, cosmetology, medical (for example, massage) and others. The services for the care of hands and feet, which are now very popular, stand apart. Indeed, today it is difficult to meet a woman who does not do a manicure at least periodically. By the way, modern men, who are used to taking care of themselves and looking good, began to actively apply for this procedure! On the eve of summer, interest in the solarium, as well as in services for body shaping, has increased, because the beach season and the hot season of vacations lie ahead.

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