Baltic Financial Company

In the financial intermediation market, the consumer will now find many offers for himself. The Baltic financial company has visible advantages. Investment services of LLC Baltic Financial Company are represented by highly profitable financial portfolios and are popular with investors. In addition to them, each client has the opportunity to learn the principles of working in the financial markets. It will be stock or foreign exchange – regardless of this, the investor will receive the highest quality advice.

Cooperation with such a well-known corporation in the financial world as Larson Holz IT Ltd, which is a famous global broker, allows you to have a base of your own traders with more than ten years of experience. It should be noted that among them there are both domestic from different cities of Russia and foreign ones. There are many large investors among the clients of the Baltic financial company, who do not in vain prefer it. According to reviews, the profitability of many exceeds the mark of over 50% of the deposit amount.

Just as a state can be judged by the standard of living of its population, so the success of a company can be judged by its employees. The qualified staff of the company is constantly improving their professional level. Special attention is paid to learning new things. At the moment, managers, operators, analysts and lecturers have already been employed after a week of training. Feedback from employees about the Baltic financial company as an employer indicates a high level of income among employees, comfortable working conditions. The adaptation process is smooth and comfortable. This is the merit of a professional in his field, a wise leader – Alexander Kryventsov, who holds the position of head of the managerial department.

Anyone can take courses in the BFK company to improve their level in the field of finance, if they work in this area. Newcomers will also be offered a special program that opens the way to the complex and interesting world of financial markets. There are also offers for practicing traders in the foreign exchange, securities market and commodity. In our own office at St. Petersburg, metro Vasileostrovskaya 14 line house 7, Business Center Preobrazhensky, tel. +7 (812) 612-44-27 Baltic Finance Company conducts classes and master classes for different categories of students. Its foreign employees also take part in this. This is confirmed by feedback from employees and those who received training.

Markets news

Analyzing the indicators of domestic demand, the specialists of the Baltic Finance Company noticed an increase in the volume of supply in the secondary housing market in the Central region. The supply jumped by 20% compared to April and is now the same as in October last year. The price dropped by 1.2% in general, but in some districts of Moscow it showed multidirectional dynamics. CAO (+ 0.9%), SZAO (+ 1.2%), NEA (+ 1.2%). The total number of real estate for sale increased to 54 thousand, by 22% there were offers in the horse-class sector and by the same amount in the business segment.

Transport and logistics company Fesco announces a tender, which is going to redeem two Eurobonds and the redemption of Russian ruble bonds of the BO-02 series. The management of the company announced that this measure is being taken in order to optimize the management of the debt portfolio. The Baltic financial company believes that the rescue of retail and logistics can now come only through the issue of Eurobonds. These are the first areas that are usually affected by the consumer crisis.

The Central Bank announced its intention not to withdraw from the capital of the Moscow Exchange. The Baltic Finance Company believes that this step is justified, since the preservation of peace in the geopolitical sphere obliges the Central Bank to preserve the commonwealth now. The next 5 years – this is how the press service of the Central Bank said such measures will not be taken. The bank will try to keep capital investments at the same level as possible.

It is not in vain that investors’ attention is focused on the instruments of the Asian stock market. Samsung Electronics published its data on the increase in production. The increase in volume will amount to 1 million units. The Baltic financial company, represented by its analysts, considers South Korea’s shares to be one of the most profitable assets. Over the past several years, they have been demonstrating stable growth rates. The Baltic Financial Company recommends such a financial instrument to investors and institutional traders for long and medium term trading. For lovers of fundamental instruments, it is the most profitable.

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