Is included in the list of trusted brokers

B-Broker appeared relatively recently. But it has already attracted the attention of traders. He offers:

  • a wide range of assets;
  • flexible terms of service;
  • powerful trading program;
  • quality service.

Who owns B-Broker

Alphа Global GA LP. Her contact phone number is +312 0808 7116.

Registration, certificates and regulator

B-Broker is registered in the UK. His office address is Langham House, 302-308, Regent Street, Marylebone, London W1B 3AT.
The broker works under the CCRFM certificate. And it is regulated by the British supervisory services. In case of problems, his clients can count on ICF compensation.

About trade in general

Reviews of B-Broker say that this broker specializes in transactions with currency pairs. He offers different combinations, including exotic ones. It’s good. Because traders get the opportunity to diversify their money: distribute it among independent assets.

About trading conditions

B-Broker divides traders into 3 categories.

Name Deposit
«Standard client» Up to € 10 thousand.
«VIP client» € 10 thousand – 50 thousand
«Premium client» More than € 50 thousand

The terms of trade depend on the category.

Category №1. “Standard client”

He can open trades with standard spreads. The minimum position must not be lower than € 25. The upper limit is € 500. With leverage – € 5,000.
The “Standard Client” receives a 100% bonus. It is allowed to invest in trading and withdraw after working out a certain volume. You can refuse it. For this, is highly praised in reviews. Traders write: this behavior is not typical for most intermediaries.
There is no commission for opening and closing deals. Instead, the “Standard Customer” pays for monthly account maintenance. It costs € 90. And the broker charges 2% per annum on the balance of the deposit.
Anyone who belongs to the “Standard Client” category and meets the requirements of the B-Broker bank can receive an advance payment (loan). But you need to be prepared for high interest rates. They are 24% per annum. Therefore, it is better to take an advance if you are fully confident that the transactions opened on it will guarantee high profits.

Category №2. “VIP-client”

Holders of this status:
Pay for account maintenance € 50 per month.
They can open trades from € 50 to € 1,000 (€ 10,000 with leverage).
They are entitled to a 125% bonus and the opportunity to take out a loan at 12% per annum.
The broker charges 4% per annum on the balance on the deposit.
The authors of the reviews about B-Broker say that the main advantage of the VIP-client category is improved spreads. Traders have the right to open larger trades at lower costs. Therefore, it makes sense to get a VIP status. To do this, the “Standard Client” must submit an application and have on the deposit from € 10 thousand to € 50 thousand.

Category №3. “Premium Client”

Based on the reviews about, it is preferred by major players. Because there is no need to pay for the service. What do they get in return:
loan at 6%;
6% per annum on the account balance.
The spreads are minimal, which makes trading even more profitable. But you will have to open larger deals:
The minimum position size is € 100.
The limit per order is € 1.5 thousand without leverage and € 15 thousand with leverage.

How to replenish an account on the official website of “B-Broker”

Traders can use:

  • payment cards of international payment systems;
  • bank transfers;
  • electronic payment systems.

The transaction speed depends on the chosen payment system. There is no commission from the broker.

How to withdraw money

Those who leave reviews about B-Broker say: use the same methods as when replenishing. But every time you have to apply for a withdrawal. And in order for broker representatives to consider it as quickly as possible, it is better to go through verification in advance. And withdraw money to where it came from.
The broker will definitely take a commission:
€ 40 for bank transfer.
5% of the transaction for cards and EPS.
Reviews on indicate that it is more profitable to withdraw money through a bank.

What is the opinion of traders about the broker

There are not so many reviews about him. Those who write them praise its trading platform and favorable rates.
They also say that trading with B-Broker is quite convenient. According to players, one of the main advantages of this broker is that it offers trading with minimal leverage. And this greatly reduces the risks.

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