There are a lot of online stores now. But those who are clear leaders can be counted on one hand. If you don’t know what Aliexpress is, then you have never bought Chinese goods. This service is one of the brightest representatives of the Chinese goods market, which has gone beyond the country and is actively developing all over the world. In this article you will find an overview of the site, the assortment presented, you will learn how to register on it and make a purchase.

Originally from China

Answering the question about what “Aliexpress” is, we can say that this site is a competitor to the world famous eBay. It is the largest online resource that sells Chinese goods.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of different sellers on this site, the range of products that can be found on the resource is approaching limitless: from a telescopic fishing rod to pancakes and dumbbells.

Thus, “Aliexpress” is a huge marketplace where you can find many different offers from different sellers in China. Of course, many of them duplicate each other, but in such conditions it is possible to find the most advantageous offer.

Some facts

In order to better understand what Aliexpress is, here are the following facts. This site is an offshoot of a large Internet resource “Alibaba”, which was created back in 1999. Aliexpress became an independent structure in 2010. What is their difference? “Alibaba” is a resource that sells goods in large wholesale lots, and sellers sell at “Aliexpress” at retail. You can also find small wholesale offers. Moreover, if we compare with the popular eBay, then there these sellers can be individuals who sell only one product. On the Chinese counterpart, whole companies and enterprises are engaged in trade, which makes it somewhat more professional.

In addition, on this trading platform, goods are sold at an order of magnitude cheaper than on similar resources, for example, from the United States. This happens for one simple reason – everything that is produced in the world is 99% made in China. And the sites of not this country are simply engaged in outbidding, receiving their dividends from this. That is, if you deliberately want to buy a Chinese product, it will be cheaper to do it on Aliexpress than on the websites of other countries. One of the largest retail sites in the world includes more than 50 million units of various goods. The main consumers are citizens from the Russian Federation, the USA and Brazil. “Aliexpress” is convenient because the delivery of goods is carried out all over the world and you can pay for the purchase in several ways. In Russia, the easiest way to pay for products ordered on this site is using Qiwi money.

The biggest drawback we have today is poor search. Due to such a large number of goods, sometimes it simply does not work out to find exactly what you need. Creators would love to create a smart search that helps users find the products they want right away.

A brief overview of “Aliexpress”

Previously, the site did not support Russian and it was quite difficult to understand it. Now everything is different, and Russian-speaking users can surf the vastness of the resource without the past language barrier. After the browser has entered the site, you can immediately start looking for the desired product. At the top in the center of the page are advertisements for those sellers who paid money for this place. On the left, there is a navigation menu that separates products into sections and categories. This is useful when you don’t know the correct product name. In the menu located at the top, you can select the currency in which the cost of all goods sold on the site will be displayed.

2 thoughts on “AliExpress

  1. Делаю покупки уже более 2 лет с АЛИ (опыт покупок с других сайтов тоже есть). Отличный интернет-магазин с широким выбором товаров, описанием продавца(рейтинг, отзывы и его место нахождение-адрес), системой скидок и купонов (и скидок для покупок через мобильник). Удобный интерфейс и точное описание товара с иллюстрацией. Мне нравится их система приема, обработки платежей и гарантия возврата. Она заключается в следующем: после оплаты 1 сутки проверки платежа, затем срок обработки заказа продавцом (обычно он меньше, чем указан первоначально). Отправка с предоставлением трек-кода отслеживания почтового отправления от ChinaPost до EMS любых стран. Срок доставки в города СФО от 2 недель до 2 месяцев, но редко обычно до 1 месяц. Но если всё же проблема с заказом-не пришел? Главное что ты всегда застрахован!!! Открытие спора и без проблем возврат денюшек. За период 2 слишнем лет из 100% заказов, возврат средств в 5 % случаев (я считаю, отличный результат). Были случаи открытие спора, возврата денег, а товар пришел позже. Связывался с продавцом возвращал деньги обратно. И кстати хорошое общение, оперативное в 80% случаев (практически всегда на связи). Я за АЛИ, пусть и дальше развивается !!!

  2. Покупаю много товаров на али около полугода и ничего плохого об этом сайте не скажу.Бывают конечно единичные случаи когда не приходит товар,но всё решалось спором и деньги продавцы возвращали.Товар нормальный,бижутерию покупала посеребрённую 925 пробы,позолоченную 18 каратным(якобы конечно)золотом,норм ничего не облезло,не стирается пока .Бижутерия у них качественная если не покупать уж совсем дешёвую.Картины в алмазной технике у разных продов брала,тоже получились красивые,претензий нет.Кстати общалась с продами по поводу товаров и лично мне попадались всегда дружелюбные продавцы.

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