Advanced Cash (ADVcash)


So, Advanced Cash is a universal payment service for receiving and cashing out electronic currency, which allows you to withdraw your funds to a real MasterCard, bypassing the attention of the tax office of your country.

A feature of this automated service is that it is registered in an offshore zone, which means it is tax-exempt. The system also has an agreement with MasterCard, which, in turn, allows you to order a card from a payment system and cash out e-currency almost anywhere in the world.

And quite low percentages on transfers (for example, Yandex Money and OkPay – 1.5%, PerfectMoney – 2.9%, and bitcoin and 0% at all) make Advanced Cash one of the best electronic payment systems (abbreviated as EPS).

You can replenish your EPS account through:

  • Through Swift / Wire transfers (affiliate programs, billing and others)
  • Through other electronic payment systems (OKPay, Perfect Money, QIWI, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paxum, Payeer, Ecoin, BTC-e, Paxum). Commissions:
  • Via Internet banking: Sberbank, Privat 24, Promsvyazbank, Svyaznoy Bank, Alfa-Bank
  • Via Visa / MasterCard
  • From a mobile account: Beeline, MTS, Megafon and TELE2 (but the commission is high, around 12%)
  • Also, do not forget about profitable exchange services of electronic currencies, thanks to which you can make an exchange in any direction through any payment system, ending with any bank.

Withdrawing funds from ADVcash: read reviews on the site.

  • Direct withdrawal from the MasterCard card from the payment. I will tell you how to get it below.
  • Purchases with a virtual Advanced Cash card (also discussed below)
  • Easy withdrawal to any Visa / MasterCard
  • Transfer to bank account possible
  • And again, e-currency exchangers

How to order MasterCard from Advanced Cash:

After free registration, which you can go through by this link, in the system, you need to perform a simple verification and immediately after replenishing your wallet for a minimum amount, you can purchase one of two types of cards: virtual or plastic.

Virtual card Advanced Cash

The cost of such a card is only $ 1. At the same time, you will not have to pay anything for its maintenance. You will make all purchases on the Internet without commission, which is very convenient. Such a card is issued for three years and becomes available immediately after registration. Its only drawback is that all payments must be made on the Internet and it will be impossible to get cash in hand using such a card.

Plastic Advanced Cash MasterCard. Clients leave reviews on our website.

And now about the most interesting thing – a plastic card Advanced Cash MasterCard. It allows you to withdraw money earned on the internet at any ATM in the world that accepts MasterCard cards, and this can be done in more than 200 countries around the world. The commission for withdrawing dollars at an ATM is $ 1.99, if you need to withdraw funds in another currency, then you will have to pay $ 2.99.

An important point, if you order such a card in the first 7 days after registration, then including delivery, it will cost you $ 4.99. Agree, a very profitable option, it is worth taking as an example opening a card in Russian banks – if there are no service fees in Advanced Cash, then they will immediately ask you a tidy sum for servicing the card for one year. And withdrawing money from other EPS to cards of Russian banks with a minimum commission is not such a simple matter.

Interestingly, similar cards are issued by another EPS – OKPay, but against its background Advakesh wins in many respects. Internal transfers are free, while OKPay will have to pay 0.5% commission. Also, the commission for withdrawing funds from ATMs is higher, verification is more difficult, the limits are lower.

If you have been registered in Advanced Cash for a long time, but have not applied for a card, then the cost of such a card will be $ 14.99. Yes, the price is three times more, but if you plan to use this card constantly, then the cost is quite acceptable and clearly worth it. Let me remind you that its advantage is tax evasion, which is extremely important for us, right?


6 thoughts on “Advanced Cash

  1. Адва кеш полное говно. на разные карты пытался переслать деньги, и ничего не получилось! деньги туда зашли и не вышли!

  2. они даже не банк! думаете зря мастеркард ввел ограничения на их транзакции??? конечно же нет! Потому что они жулики. почему то же на другие кошельки ничего не запрещают.

  3. Они работают с мошенниками! Вся их система сделана для того, что бы мы потом никогда не смогли вывести деньги от мошенников! так со мной и произошло! полная херня!

  4. Здравствуйте! На сайте АДВ я прочитал новость в которой говорится о том, что они временно отключают банковские переводы как канала пополнения, и у меня возник вопрос на какое время они отключают это?

  5. Да. комиссия от платежки – 2 доллара
    остальная комиссия может быть от банкомата, поэтому найдите банкомат в своем регионе, который не берет комиссию за снятие, это не сложно
    также , возможно, будут стоять ограничения в банкоматах на съем денег на определенные суммы

  6. Скажыте пожалуйста, а это комиссии в не зависимости от суммы которую я хочу снимать? Тойсть даже при снятие 10000$ комиссия 1.99$..? Спасибо

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