What is hidden by the official website of 2XBET

What is 2XBET? An international holding company with thousands of clients. She is 5 years old. Its strengths are a wide range of bet lines, proprietary developments, fast payouts and 24/7 support. But there is one nuance: there is not a word of truth in this tirade. And we have collected evidence.

International holding company

Here is the first statement we will refute. We have something to cover:
The license number indicated on the official 2XBET website refers to the mirror of another bookmaker. There are many questions to him too.
The address belongs to an organization not affiliated with sports betting.
I wonder why the site of the “international holding company with thousands of clients” is only available in Russian? Even the page addresses are written in transliteration. How can foreigners use it?
And here’s another nail in the bookmaker’s coffin. Reviews about “2 X BET” assert: there is no evidence that this law firm actually exists. This means that when she takes your money, you will be powerless.

5 years

The bookmaker 2XBET first surfaced on the Web in 2016, when its website appeared. In 2015 and before, no one had heard of her.
But how is that? She says she has thousands of clients. Really, over 5 years of work, she came across flexible players who were happy with everything and did not write a single negative review? No. It’s just that someone decided to lie a little.

Wide line for pre-match and live bets

Another dubious statement. When we started digging for information, we went to the official 2XBET website. At that time, it was possible to put on three second-rate sporting events there. And after a couple of hours they also disappeared. From this we can confidently conclude: we are dealing with a scammer who does not even try to create the appearance of bookmaking activity.
In reviews about “2 X BET” the phrase “the full range of our own development” is often discussed. It can be found in the “About the company” section. And what kind of development? It would not be a sin to explain. But the bookie is silent.

Support 24/7

This is only in words. Because contacting company representatives is a whole business. No address. Actually, as well as phone numbers, email, chat.
Reviews about 2xbet.ru suggested: there is a feedback form in the “Personal Account”. But it only works in one case: when the client tries to withdraw money. Then the support employee immediately gets in touch and urgently demands to top up the account. Otherwise no one will get anything.

Fast payouts

Let’s start with the fact that the 2 X BET website does not indicate ways to replenish the account. Obviously, how to transfer money is reported by phone immediately after registration. As a rule, these are left-hand wallets in payment systems that do not belong to legal entities.
Let’s just say: 2xbet.ru throws people. And so that no one suspects anything, the amount for which they are replenished appears in the “Personal Account”.
How to understand that a bookmaker is a scammer? At least due to the fact that it does not apply to the size of the commission and the speed of funds transfer. So, he can be wise. Moreover, shamelessly and with impunity.
Let’s talk about withdrawing winnings. It is offered to do this only through QIWI and Payeer wallets. It is not known when the money will be credited. We read a lot of reviews about 2XBET, but we never found the one who managed to get them.
By the way, the would-be bookmaker has been threatening to make sure that winnings can be withdrawn by bank transfer or to cards for more than 2 years. It is very easy to understand why this has not happened yet. After all, as soon as he fulfills his promise, players will have the right to cancel transactions. This means that he will lose his livelihood.

How 2xbet.ru cheats people

Everything happens in 2 stages:
First, money is stolen immediately after the account is replenished.
And then again, when they require additional funds, without which it is allegedly impossible to withdraw the winnings.
Moreover, this scheme can be used indefinitely. Namely, until the victim runs out of money. Or she won’t get tired of giving them away, don’t understand who.

How to get back stolen

Have you replenished already? We have bad news. Your money has sunk into oblivion. Do you think you can get on the trail of scammers? You are wrong. Looking for pages on social media? They have long been abandoned. And sending letters with claims to an address in Cyprus is also pointless.

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