How to trade on 10Brokers

Clients with free capital from $ 1000 are registered on Each of them receives:
5 financial instruments for building a strong diversified portfolio.
Flexible leverage (up to 1 in 500).
Fixed spreads.
Quick withdrawal of money.
Means of technical, fundamental analysis.
Programs for algorithmic trading.
Instant order execution.
A personal consultant who will review the markets and share trading ideas.
Ten Brokers is known as a reliable intermediary providing access to trusted liquidity providers through European banks.

What do novice traders get. You can study the reviews on our website.

They can practice on a demo account that provides an opportunity to work with real quotes without risking losing money. The simulator helps to familiarize oneself with the peculiarities of each offered financial instrument and select those, the price movements of which are easiest to predict for successful trading.
Another way to understand the essence of speculative trading is to open a standard or any other account. In return, they will give access to training courses, useful information, and relevant market signals. This makes it easier to choose safe, profitable trades.

Three deposits with equal terms

To open a Standard account, you need from 1 to 2.5 thousand dollars. Its owners trade without restrictions, and also use all platforms to open and close positions. They get access:
To a personal consultant.
Daily market analytics.
Remote support.
Risk management.
Research panel, news feed, expert estimates.
Thanks to this, even novice traders with small capital have unlimited trading opportunities.
If you have from 5 to 10 thousand dollars, you can open a “Golden” account. How does it differ from the standard one? Promotional offers. They provide an opportunity to conclude deals on more favorable terms, reducing risks or increasing profits from speculative trading.
Anyone with $ 10,000 can open a VIP account and receive additional information to select promising positions by mail, SMS or phone. But the main advantage of the premium deposit is the lowest fixed spreads.

Four financial instruments for speculative trading from

CFD. Allows you to trade the prices of the original asset without buying it. This simplifies the conclusion of transactions and provides an opportunity to make a profit.
Commodity futures. An optimal asset for medium-term trading. Gold, oil and other types of raw materials are weakly dependent on each other, which makes it possible to form portfolios of different content with high diversification.
Forex. The largest and most liquid market provides the opportunity to trade a wide range of currencies, choosing the pairs that show the best quotes at the moment.
Stock indices. The aggregate of the prices of all or part of a stock constitutes an affordable and popular derivative.

Main and secondary platforms

10Brokers offers to trade using:
MetaTrader 4. A simple, flexible terminal suitable for manual and automated trading. It has many market indicators, graphical analysis tools, and supports the management of a large number of transactions. It is the most popular platform among forex traders.
MT4 Mobile. The mobile version of the terminal is designed for smartphones and tablets. It has a convenient, intuitive interface and quotes analysis tools. Can access the Metatrader 4 account.
WebTrader. Designed specifically for browsers. Has several graphical analysis tools, allows you to group assets into selected groups. Easy to learn and use.
Anyone who has opened a personal account at can use the economic calendar, market reviews, pip calculators and other auxiliary tools.
Read the reviews on our website.

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