1Ext Ltd – new opportunities to make profit

1Ext Ltd provides its clients with the opportunity to make a profit in an innovative way: by participating in lots with a fixed percentage. This area of ​​investment is new, but has already established itself as a reliable and safe source of almost guaranteed income. Money is invested in temporarily unprofitable positions, which promise to come out in profit after a while. Very often in classic exchange trading, an investor does not have enough capital to maintain a transaction, in this case brokers forcibly close a transaction to protect their own funds provided as a leverage. After that, the position is put up for auction of orders with a fixed price, and this is the area where OneExt Ltd. operates.

What exactly does 1Ext Ltd offer

While stock trading, although promising large profits, carries a lot of risk, investing in lots with a fixed percentage is absolutely safe for the investor. The bottom line is that profits and losses are recorded at the stage of opening a deal. The client’s profit is fixed at up to 4%, and everything received above this level is received by 1Ext Ltd. But the loss is also recorded. If the deal was unsuccessful, the investor will lose no more than 2% of the invested funds, and all other losses will be covered by OneExt Ltd. The deal is limited in time to 15 days. As a result, the investor practically does not risk his capital, and OneExt Ltd. undertakes all the work on the selection of assets and the execution of the transaction.

How high is the quality of the company’s work

Since 1Ext Ltd makes a profit only if the profitability of the transaction exceeds 4%, and in case of a negative result it loses its own funds, the company’s analysts are very careful in the selection of positions that are offered to investors. In fact, the investor practically does not bear any risks. With this in mind, the offer of 4% profit per trade is very generous and allows clients to make a profit without wasting their own time and practically risking their money. Reviews about 1Ext Ltd are very highly rated by the professionalism of 1Ext Ltd employees at all levels.

How do I become a client of 1Ext Ltd

The doors of 1Ext Ltd are open to everyone who has a desire to engage in investment activities and has a minimum start-up capital. The entry threshold is very low: you do not need to have knowledge in the field of financial analysis and investing or experience in stock exchange activities. On the other hand, cooperation with 1Ext Ltd will be beneficial not only for beginners. Experienced, established traders and investors will be able to get a reliable additional source of income. Indeed, as we already wrote above, cooperation with 1Ext Ltd practically does not require spending your own time, all the troubles are taken by the company. In fact, this is a very good source of passive income.

I came across information that 1Ext Ltd are scammers

Indeed, the growing popularity of 1Ext Ltd led to the fact that reviews of 1Ext Ltd began to appear on the network, containing information about the unprofessionalism and fraud of the company. In turn, we declare that the OneExt Ltd fraud information is false and the reviews are fake. To do this, just go to 1ext.com and compare the mechanism of the company’s work with what is written about in fake reviews. It is immediately clear that people have never collaborated with 1Ext Ltd and generally have little idea of what a lot with a fixed percentage is.

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